Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making a New Friend

On my Tuesday post, there was an awesome comment:

Well, how could I resist an offer like that?  Keith and I have been trying to figure out a way we could finally meet in person for MONTHS!   After a bit of back and forth by email, we decided we'd meet at Southland station at 11:30 and finally get in a run together!  I was very excited to meet him.

They skies were threatening rain all morning and as I crossed the bridge over the tracks, I was getting spit on (silly me, I'd forgotten my rain jacket - that would have ensured the threat would go away), but by the time I met up with Keith, the rain had stopped and it was merely humid.

We did a nice, easy loop through Canyon Meadows and Southwood - chit chatting all the way - and finished up with a couple of those Southwood hills for good measure.  

From the top of that last hill

We started to talk about elevation charts for our runs and I was sad that I wouldn't have one because Nike+ doesn't import one to Daily Mile...but then I suddenly remembered that I could actually log into the website and see if there was one there...and HUZZAH!  There is!
Green is pace, blue is elevation.
I can't wait to do that for my next dedicated hill run!

It was wonderful to finally get to chat with Keith in person.  I am glad his grumbly knee has finally decided to settle down a bit so we could do this and I am already looking forward to our next run!

and a little bit of geekery - because, well, it's me...


  1. So good to finally meet up! Hope we have lots more runs.

  2. HA! I will have to come crash the partayyyyyy!!!

  3. So great that you finally got to meet Keith! Sounds like a great run!


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