Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm Baaaa-aack

Ok - so I never really left, but with a combined mileage of 21k over the past 2 weeks - it sure felt like I had officially left the building.

But now vacation is over and it is back to normal again.  And today marked the start of a few things...

1) let the coffee wean begin...again
2) let the sugar wean begin...also, again (though I AM making a concession for a birthday later in the week...but just a small one)
3) let the losing begin...er yeah...again.

I read an awesome tweet over the weekend:
ands it got me thinking that I have been saying YES to too many NOs. And I have been saying yes too much in general to EVERYTHING that crosses my path.

So now, I am going to start saying No a bit more and reserve the yesses for when they actually count.

Ok - so that may not have made much sense...but I get it and it is enough to kick start me again.

Today, I started off with a bang.  Tea instead of coffee. Actually remembered to pack a lunch.  Am logging in My Fitness Pal again.  Slow and steady wins the race...

and I headed out for a lunch time run.   I'd initially thought I'd just do a quick 4k loop to see how my hammock injury would hold up
Yep - still there - YOUCH!
I couldn't get over how quiet Elbow Drive was...hardly any traffic at all

When I got to the point where I would normally turn to head back - I decided to keep going and run the loop through Canyon Meadows the reverse of how I usually do.  I ended up leapfrogging across Anderson because I was too impatient to wait and then, as I was coming up to the turn to the overpass - I ran into Katie coming the other way with another group of runners (we hadn't been able to connect this morning so I had headed out solo).

One thing I noted today was exactly how autumn-like it is getting.  A month ago - running in 20C weather at high noon would have been quite hot.  Today it felt much cooler.  It shouldn't be a surprise though - the leaves are already changing.

Soon, I was back at the office and the run was done...and it was nowhere near as craptastic as the one on Saturday was.  Certainly nothing spectacular about it but it was a pretty good run all things considered.  I look forward to the day that bruise heals - I can still feel my body compensating for it.

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  1. Coffee wean???? Surely you mean cut down.

    Are you running Thursday? If I get back from breakfast with my buddy in time, and my legs feel as good as yesterday, I could totally do that.


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