Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'll Take an Order of Hills, Please

Another day, another opportunity to run :)

Today, it was time for some hills with Tina and Katie - though in the end, Katie had a meeting that ran late and it was just me and Tina.  I was so rushed because my own meeting had run into overtime that I didn't even notice until I got downstairs that I had somehow slopped water down the front of me!
Takes talent!

We both had a good laugh when she showed up wearing nearly the exact same outfit as I was wearing.  TWINSIES!

Gotta love us some Skirt Sports!
And so we headed out and I forewarned Tina that I was going to be taking it pretty easy since my calf had given me some grief the day before...She said she was ok with if we ended up walking the whole thing but we both knew we'd better run these if we hope to meet that half marathon goal time in October!

So up and down we went...working our way across Southwood.

We really wanted this "slow down" sign to light up for us, but we didn't have that kind of speed in us today...

We kept going until we had 6 hills under our belt.  YAY! Done.

and then puttered our way back to my office again.

And, boy, did we ever not break any personal land speed records.  Once my bruise heals, I'm going to start racing the's time to start building some real power in our legs so we can blow ourselves away come October!


  1. I was wondering if sometime i could meet you down there to run those hills with the little ones when Jack goes back to school? Be fun??

  2. Nice job on the hills. I love the colour of that shirt. I have a tritop and skirt in almost the same colour from them.

  3. Those hills are awesome ...must do more!! And who cares we had a few slow ones...gotta let that bruise heal :-)


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