Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Half Tempo - Half Sucking Wind

I wish I knew why I was so scattered this training cycle.  Normally, my summer months are incredibly focused and I have no problem sticking to a schedule and getting my workouts in.  This summer...well, not so much.  This summer has been all over the place.  BUT, with 6.5 weeks to go until my goal half...I know I need to start getting some quality workouts in.

So, today I though I'd take myself out for a continuous 5k tempo run.  The idea being to push myself for as long as I could and hopefully do the entire 5k just a little faster than I might normally be comfortable doing.

I started off like gang busters despite my calves telling me that they didn't really want to run today.   They groaned like mad as I plowed up the first hill toward Elbow Drive.

At around the 1k mark, I checked my app to see how I was doing so far and I was pretty happy to have run that first k as fast as I did.  I mean - no land speed records were being shattered by my running shoes but that hill usually clocks me in at around 8 min/km and today I did it in 6 and change.

The 17C that my weather app told me I'd be running in felt much closer to the mid twenties and I was feeling it.   Plus my usual glasses are in desperate need of repair so I was wearing my backup pair and there is a reason I don't run in these.
Slippage alert!

So with the heat and my glasses, I was already having trouble really wanted to walk, but I kept reminding myself that I had to push.  And then I checked my app and it told me I was going 13+ min/km

YEAH RIGHT!  I was pushing like my life depended on it.

I would have placed my pace in the 5:30 min/km range...App On Crack Alert!

I called bullshit on my app and kept going.
Fake it til ya make it!
I ran up Elbow and had to pause briefly at Anderson until I could leapfrog across into Canyon Meadows.

Down the hill, turn, down the street, through the gate and over the overpass.

And then I started to seriously suck wind.  It was so hot out and I needed a water break where I could actually drink.

And so I took a walk break and decided that I needed to scale back a bit for the rest of the run. As I was walking, I noticed how much the trees have changed since I last ran on a weekday (sad face goes here)

I pushed through to my office and managed to keep up a pretty good clip despite "taking it easy" so I am hopeful that once the cooler fall days are here - I will be able to really push myself so race day will be relatively comfortable.

The slower overall pace is from two stoplights and my short walk break.
And perhaps from the fact that my app was on crack in the middle of the run.

oh and, because I know you all are dying to get a bruise update :P  Here it is...

Almost gone.   You can still see the outline and where my leg actually connected with the hammock frame, but at least I can wear capris and dresses to work again.   I still feel the injury in my calf when I run so I am keeping an eye on it.  At least I am not needing to compensate anymore.

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  1. Pacing is so hard to do. About 5K in the heat is where I start feeling it, creeping up from my chest into my face. Once it gets there I'm done running for a bit. There's a nice little loop you can do from the Husky on Elbow near Anderson. You can go through the neighborhood across the bridge the other side of 14th, or from it you can run along the green space to Anderson and back to Elbow. There's the bridge across to the high school, and from there you could run down the one you usually use. Options are fun.


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