Friday, July 12, 2013

Testing 1-2-3

After a couple of weeks off running - I decided that today was the day and roped my Runner Girl, Katie, into a lunchtime run (ok - she wasn't too hard to convince).   I had a few things to test before I start full-on Half Training this weekend.
1) Would my lungs hold up ok?
2) Is my ankle truly ok?
3) Have I forgotten how to run and am totally crazy to think I should be able to run a half?

All I can say sure felt good to be back in my running clothes...

Though my shoes felt a little wonkadoo - like someone else had been wearing took me quite a few attempts at adjusting the sock liner before they felt normal again...

As luck would have it, my Garmin was even in my running bag so I decided to use it instead of Nike+ today.  I waited outside for Katie and, just after 11:30, we were ready to go.

Since we were both in such desperate need of a run - we had no shortage of conversation topics. We kept the pace pretty easy so my body would hold up for the run...but had no preconceived ideas of things like distances or how long we'd stay out for (you know it's Frieday when...)

We did the loop through Canyon Meadows and then made up the rest of the route as we went.

And then we both forgot to stop our watches when we stopped for a good long stretch.  I could feel the tightness leave my right calf as I gave it a good long stretch.  Maybe that will be enough to hold the tendinitis at bay for a while.

So, the time is quite long.  I'd say the run probably took about 45 mins and then another 10 of stretching and chatting. and I forgot to snap one of me and Katie so you will all need to be happy with some Garmin shots ;)

Overall, the run felt good.  My legs remembered what to do and I was pain free if not cough free. Now to decide if I am going to take this old body out for a long run this weekend.   I am going to see how I feel this afternoon before I start making plans, but if I do - it will probably be on Sunday...just to give my lungs a bit more time to clear out.  I still sound like a barking seal...

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