Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Techy Tuesday: Where Nerd and Knit Collide

When I got my new Kobo Mini for such a great deal, I was just excited to have something to fit in my little purse that I didn't think much about cases to protect it.  But then I quickly realized that I needed a sleeve of some sort so that it wouldn't end up scratched to bits in super short order.  I didn't want to spend just as much on a case as I did on the reader so knew I'd best figure out something homemade.  I can't sew...but I CAN knit...

Luckily, I have amassed a substantial yarn stash in the last year and had some pretty turquoise merino wool that I just knew could be knitted up into a lightweight, low profile case.  I packed up the knitting supplies and took them on our camping trip last weekend. I just had to figure out a pattern.  My first attempt sucked really bad and while it made a case - it was too big and not at all nice looking.   So I cast on fewer stitches and decided to keep it simple.  In the end, I got a pretty little sleeve that fits perfectly in the zippered pocket of my purse and will protect my Kobo for a good long while.

Since I know I am not alone in this, I figured I'd post the instructions for any other crafty mommas out there who might be in need of an easy and quick project that would make an awesome gift idea for the reader in your life. I can already see myself making these for a few people.


  • Yarn (I used Martha Stewart Merino, but any worsted weight will do)
  • #8 knitting needles
  • yarn needle

*** This is the first knitting pattern I have written and I have transcribed the best I can. Hopefully it makes sense. ***

Cast on 20 stitches (for Kobo Mini).  28 stitches for most other readers.*

Knit the first 7 rows

All other rows in body - the pattern is as follows: knit 2, purl 2

Continue this pattern until it is at the desired length. It should be long enough for the body rows to wrap both lengthwise sides of the reader.  The knitted rows should be above the length of the reader so it can be easily fastened.

To finish: knit 2 rows

Button hole row: knit 4, yo, k2tog, knit 14, yo, k2tog, knit 4 (for the wider case - try knit 6, yo, k2tog knit 12, yo, k2tog. knit 6)

Knit 3 more rows then cast off

Fold knitted piece in half, lengthwise, and stitch up the sides using the same yarn you used to knit

Sew on 2 buttons to align with the button holes.  Make sure you sew them on securely.  My first attempt looked tight enough but they popped off in 2 days.

Insert reader and enjoy.

*  Please note that I only made this case for the mini.  The number of stitches for a larger reader is a guess, but it should stretch to fit just fine.  The finished case will seem narrow, but you want it to stretch for a snug fit.


  1. Very crafty (or knitty?) of you! Awesome.... but I can't knit!

    1. I learned how to cast on, knit and cast off years ago, but only really dedicated myself to learning for real this winter. Thanks to youtube, I have picked so much up in a short time...and it was super easy...much easier than I ever thought...


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