Thursday, July 18, 2013

Resolution Update: July 18

Time for yet another update on my 36 resolutions for the year.  I've felt pretty blah about this past month with nothing really being knocked off...

  1. Do something interesting with my hair - starting to discuss with my hairdresser :)
  2. Rework my home gym
  3. Tune up my bike
  4. Take the girls to Zoolights
  5. Make amazing halloween costumes
  6. Plan a monthly date night - ummm.  yeah.  about that.... #fail BUT - Hubby and I did escape the kids for a couple of hours to run errands together...does that count?  Oh - and I surprised him with an iTunes gift card so we could rent a movie and pseudo-snuggle on the couch :P
  7. Volunteer at a race -Still waiting to hear back about Tour of Alberta . 
  8. Go thrifting once each month - DONE!  Picked up some things for camping.
  9. Learn to knit properly - created my first pattern this month as I knit myself a little cozy for my new Kobo Mini.

    So, I am back to knitting more.  Might be time to start thinking of patterns for holiday soon as I finished my cozy, I knit up a few extras for friends as well...and another one for me for my glo.

    and then I took the big afghan that I had been loom knitting and turned it into a Pouffe for the living room (which makes me much happier than the thought of it being an afghan.

    and I am now making some super bulky "yarn" to rework into that living room afghan...
  10. Take a shopping trip to the States 
  11. Invest in a perfect party dress (doesn't need to be black) - I bought a couple of dresses...but I don't consider them to be "party dresses"  still looking.
  12. Get another tattoo - almost ready to book tha appointment
  13. Leave Facebook again
  14. Get an instagram poster printed 
  15. Stay at the Banff Springs Hotel  
  16. Go on an amazing hike - not yet.  Our camping trip to Dinosaur Prov Park ended up being quite rife with mosquitoes so hiking wasn't the amazing experience it might have been.
  17. Take my kids camping 
  18. Re-learn how to draw and paint 
  19. Create an outdoor reading area - starting to plan
  20. Plant a rose garden - starting to plan
  21. Redecorate the master bedroom and bath 
  22. Train for a specific goal race 
  23. Create an indoor reader's sanctuary Create a creative space for myself 
  24. Try to have an article published in a magazine - I think I have an idea for one...just fleshing it out
  25. Try Stand-Up Paddleboarding - booked.   Amy and I were supposed to take this on the 14th, but the original company we were booked with kept cancelling for stupid we found a new company and are going on the 20th instead.  We're so excited!
  26. Go snowshoeing with hubby - on hold til Fall.
  27. Go ice skating with my girls
  28. Visit Ontario in the Fall - this one is off the books for this year.  We just found out that my cousin (in Ontario) is having a destination wedding next spring so our travel budget needs to accommodate that instead.  now we can change it to: Book Tropical Family Getaway
  29. Self Publish One Book - finding this one daunting as I reviewed my manuscript and it needs some heavy time dedicated to it...time I don't have right now.  But fingers crossed. Maybe I should break it into chapters and serialize it here like I originally planned...
  30. Run a 2:15 Half - training is now underway.  Thankfully my cold backed off so I could officially start.
  31. Run a sub-60min 10k 
  32. Run a Sub-30min 5k
  33. Run a continuous 10k - The more I think about it - doing this at the MEC race this weekend might be a good way to keep my pace slower while I'm keeping an eye on my ankle (though it hasn;t flared up this week at all)...I ran the first 10k of my last training run continuously so I know I can do it...I just want to see if I can do it faster than 1:14.  Guess that will depend where the race actually ends up being held...
  34. Run the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World 
  35. Complete a home yoga stretching challenge 
  36. Complete 8 weeks of Rip:60


  1. Some of these resolutions sound like they would be a lot of fun to complete.

    1. It has been a really fun little exercise. I am getting to the big goals now so I think it's going to become a challenge...especially with only 4 more months to complete the rest (eep!)


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