Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pushing 100

I have been off work all week since our dayhome is closed.  We've been having a really fun week, me and the girlies, but one thing has been missing.  Thank goodness my phone remembered ;)

Ok - I didn't really forget, but you try to get a run in with 4 year old twins.   But then, yesterday, I noticed that the bike rental place in Eau Claire had a double chariot...and they rent it separately!   Things were looking up.

Tina and I were going to meet for coffee when running felt impossible, but with a stroller rental on the horizon...suddenly we could run!

So, after swimming lessons - I rented it and soon Tina was there and ready to run.  We dropped off some things in the parking lot and then Tina suggested we run up the curling club hill to start.

I laughed.  She insisted.  and then she took the chariot...

She ran it to the ridge in the path and then I took over for the rest of the hill... just so we're clear - there was no running here.  That hill is a killer.

By the time we came down onto centre street, the girls were zonked.

We crossed the bridge and then came down under Centre Street Bridge to head east to Edmonton Trail

It was really bleeping humid out there, but the temperature was perfect for running.  Made us happy campers!

We crossed over the next bridge and turned to the west again - intent on running to 10th Street, crossing over and heading back.

It was on the North side of the river, we could see some of the flood damage along the bank.

It is so eroded, but the work crews have been working tirelessly to restore it.  There is still a long way to go to getting it back to where it used to be, but it is heartening to see them trying to get the pathways back to usable shape.

After we passed the suspension bridge, Tina realized she needed a washroom STAT and ducked into the woods...I can't resist sharing the photo of her slipping on the way was so freaking hilarious, as I am sure she will attest...

Plus, it gave a ton of teasing fodder for the rest of the run as we joked about her mud streaked ass... HA!

Soon, we were back on our way...with just a quick photo op at the Peace girls just keep aiming to get the perfect jump shot!

Not bad, considering I probably only had half a foot of air!
Haha!  I so can't jump worth shit.

Then it was on to 10th street and over and down the home stretch to Eau Claire again.

6k.  Mission happy momma who got a run in...even if she had to push 100lbs (incl stroller) to do it!

No land speed records were shattered in the making of this run.


  1. You know-pee break karma is going to get you for posting that picture.

    1. Oh least I turned the camera off for the actual pee break :P

  2. haha it wasnt a PEE break. Man...that was some slick muck down there. Thank GOD we ran...Was SOOOOO neeed. After i left you I ran home. 2 km in and WHAM...more pathways shut. There is some bad disintegration after the 14th street area too. Sniff!!! So I detoured through parts of hillhurst and got chased y 2 dogs and almost hit by a cray driver. Running in residential areas...dangerous. Pathways...lovely even with slippery slopes. :-)

  3. Cori, you're my hero for pushing around your girlies on a run! And Tina, you're my other hero for letting Cori take a pic of you peeing in the bush (well, on your way to peeing) And lastly, that first photo totally makes it look like you've enclosed the girls in a plastic box! Ha ha.

  4. Wow great job!! I can barely push 25lbs + the Chariot lately so good for you pushing 100! Where there is a will, there is a way!!

  5. pushing that UP my curling rink hill was freaking hard!!!


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