Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1) We found a new dayhome!!!!!

...and the girlies can start there June 17! The relief in our house was palpable after we visited her and she accepted our girls into her dayhome.   She has similar qualifications to our current dayhome and the girlies have been asking to go back EVERY FREAKING DAY since we had our interview with her.


2) This week, I decided to join a couple of running groups. 

So, I signed up for a Calgary Trail Runners group I found on Meetup...and then I finally got myself a Calgary Road Runners membership.  I am hoping it will help me expand my horizons a bit beyond the rut I can feel myself falling into with my running.


3) This weekend, we are taking the girlies on their first camping trip!!!

Hubby and I used to be very active hikers and campers in our furbaby parent days (pre-kids), but a broken tent and two teeny midgets have had us staying pretty close to home the past 4 years.  This weekend, that all changes.   I have us booked into a campground in Banff.  We won't be roughing it, thanks to showers and flush toilets nearby...but we will be finding our tent legs again, this time as a family. We have been preparing our supplies all week and the girls are incredibly excited about our venture into the great outdoors.  I'm sure I'll have a fun MOMday post to write by the end of the weekend.

PLUS - I am looking forward to hitting the trails for another trail run while I am in Banff.


  1. Yay! That must be a huge relief to have found a new day home! Glad the girls love it and want to go back. Great sign!

    Seriously, where do you find the time to join 2 running groups, plus a relay team? Hope they help you out of your rut- I find being part of a group hugely motivating!

    The girls are going to love the camping trip. I'm not a big camper but I think with kids it's a lot more fun, in a different way. I'm looking forward to camping with Audrey in a few years.

  2. Have a great time camping! We ran the Spray River Loop (behind Banff Springs hotel) last time we were there - not too hilly, no snow and next to a gorgeous river.

    I wondered about a running group, typically I run myself or with the Mr. Not sure about joining 2 at once - go you!

  3. All great things! Have a great time this weekend!

  4. Camping will be so fun! We tent with our kids and they love it. It's amazing how easily a child can be occupied with rocks and sticks. :)

  5. So glad you found a new place for the twinners! And can't wait to hear all about how your camping trip and forays into the run groups go! (Did you know it's only 2 weeks until we get to see each other?)


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