Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1) The Hunt For A New Dayhome going ok.  I do know where they WON'T be going after an interview on Tuesday.  Luckily, we have another interview tonight with a dayhome that sounds far more promising and one of the ladies running it has similar qualifications to our current dayhome.  I really hope this is the one because I hate this hunting...

Let's just say some of the people who want to care for your kids really shouldn't be in that business.'s downright scary.

2) My Dislocated Rib back in place and feels much better thank you very much for asking...yesterday was a very painful day so I am so grateful that my chiro could fit me in last night.

3) Still Whole30ing

...I hesitate to say it is going well...only because I am getting pretty bored.  I did lose almost 5lbs the first week but now hormones kicked in and I am up 2 this week.  Oh wait - I'm not supposed to be stepping ont he scale, you say?   Yeah - about that...I so couldn't do that part of it.  I am focusing on the food part of it and am still weighing myself.

Also, I can't say that I am feeling BETTER, per se...but I am not feeling any worse so I will continue.

Do I think I am going to make it the entire 30 days?  No.   But I do have a reason.  I intend to make it to 26 days...because on the 27th day - I have a wedding to attend for a good friend and I know I could not make this style of eating work on that day (nor do I want to - I still need to live and enjoy life) so I won't be calling in a failure if I make it to 26 days.  As a vegetarian doing whole30 - it is incredibly difficult and limiting and I am afraid I will have burned myself out on eggs and yogourt by that point anyway.

On another note - I am loving plain, full fat greek yogourt.  Hmph...whoda thunkit.  THAT will definitely be staying in the diet when this is all done.

oh - and the second part of my challenge was 10 Minute Trainer...I did really well last week, but things have been too hectic to do it this week at all. I am hoping that once we have the dayhome figured out, I will be able to get back on track there.


  1. It is so stressful searching for a day home, especially with such a tight deadline! My initial search was successful and not too painful but this recent hunt had me pulling out my hair! The only day home we considered after our extensive search is the one she is in now- all the others were crap.

    Yikes- the dislocated rib sounds uncomfortable! Glad the chiro could help.

    Good for you for attempting Whole30 and being honest about it. Weddings usual derail my diet/life change plans too! I don't have any weddings this year so I shouldn't have any excuse.

  2. I didn't do the not stepping on the scale part of it either. UMMMMM I don't remember Greek Yogurt being ok on Whole 30 though??


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