Sunday, June 23, 2013

Set to Wandering

(For some reason this didn't publish Sunday as planned...)

This morning, I had to drive our little houseguest home and, after I dropped her off, I somehow found myself at the river.  I hadn't planned to go down there, but something drew me down there to see it for myself.

Once I got past the media circus on Crescent Road (which is located on the ridge above downtown, for those of you not from here), I found our city forever changed.

I am beyond words about it all.   As I walked, I made notes of my observations.  I think they say it best.

Humid. So humid.

Generator hum

Police tape.  One officer commenting "I would think it should go without saying to NOT go under the tape"

White fluff.   The poplar trees still think it's business as usual.

Avenue of mud.  Riverside avenue and the lower deck of the bridge are caked in mud.

Media shitshow

"I always forget how nice it is down here" So many people only there for the show.

Police tape in the breeze

Army on patrol. Choppers overhead. Trucks on Memorial.

Rushing water.   So fast.

Memorial drive has a new memory now.

Donuts for the police officers.  People carrying tokens of appreciation to those keeping us safe.

Meditative sadness.  So many people staring out over the water with tears on their cheeks.

So much sightseer litter it will need a cleanup effort of its own.

Water like chocolate milk.

Other images from the walk:

It was so hard to see it all.  When I talk about a meditative sadness - it really was the overwhelming feeling of the day.  the water is receding but it still has a way to go and who knows what horrors lie beneath the areas still submerged.

My walk today only strengthened my resolve to get out and help with the pathway cleanup on my vacation...but who knows how much pathway still exists :)

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  1. Thanks for this post-I think we feel the exact same way. I've just been down to Bowness area-once the flood recedes from there i hope to help in the cleanup of the park i love to run in.


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