Thursday, June 6, 2013


Now that my ribs are back where they ought to be, I was so happy to have another run on the schedule today...this one with Katie!

I did have one errand I needed to run so we took the Haysboro loop so I could make one quick pitstop at a bank machine.  This route can be challenging - not so much for the terrain as for the we turned them into a mini fartlek workout...if we saw the red hand flashing - we'd turn up the speed and get across.  In the end - we only ended up waiting for a minute at one light.

Sunny happy runner girls.  It was such a beautiful day out!  I was super glad I brought water.

When we stopped at the bank, I was so frustrated to see that the Nike+ app was not registering any time or all.   and then when we got back to the office - still nothing. I've found that the app has been flaky since the last update, so now I am thinking that if it isn't fixed asap, I may need to find a new way to track my lunch runs (or start bringing my Garmin in)  So I got a screenshot of Katie's phone

and then, after I was in the stairwell - I turned on my phone again and BOOM up pops the data!  I don't even know what to say about that...
duration is different on mine because it was
obvs still running while we chatted after the run...

Has anyone else noticed general flakiness with the Nike+ iphone app since the last update?  I do notice I have a new update to install that says it has bug fixes so I do hope that solves this.   I also hope they took the opportunity to change back to how we used to lock the screen...I find that the new way unlocks on its own in my belt.


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