Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Runch in the Rain

As the morning wore on, the sky got darker and darker.  Like Mordor darker.   And then the rain began.   It was going to be a very wet run with Tina today.

As luck would have it - my morning meeting ran short and Tina ran early so I was able to escape the office ahead of schedule.

Into the rain we went.  Thank goodness for rain jackets!
We started running to the south with no real route in mind...though we only made it a few steps before Tina realized she hadn't tied her shoes...

and then my optometrist called...and I had to answer it because I didn't recognize the number and it might be the new dayhome...but when I finally got rid of them, we were on our way.

We kept the pace nice and easy to keep my knee from grumbling and were successful for the most part - it only made a couple of peeps the whole run.

When we got to the park, we decided to head into Canyon Meadows and we took a different turn than I did last week and wove our way around the neighbourhood. In the distance, the sky was starting to lighten up...and so was the rain.  By the time we got to Canyon Meadows School - it was really just spitting on us.

Figures, after we'd suited up in our rain gear. LOL. We looped around and came back over Anderson and into the park again.

I hadn't been keeping a close eye on our distance since my phone was tucked away all snug in my ifitness belt under my rain jacket...so we ended up going a fair bit further than I usually attempt at lunch.

It's all good, though.  I needed a good shakeout and it was great to be out there with a friend.  And I was so happy my knee wasn't as f'ed as I thought it might be.  I'm pretty sure it is my Trail Asics that caused it.  I've been running in a much lower drop shoe and to go back up to the 10mm drop of the Asics is a bit difficult.  Next trail run, I am going to wear my New Balance Minimus trail shoes and see if it's better.

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  1. It's so nice that you guys can run together during the day! So lucky!


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