Friday, June 28, 2013

Cotton Socks

Ok - you know you're swamped at work're too exhausted to write about a run until the day after it happens...

So, yesterday I ran.  I decided that I needed to do some work on at least one of my runs this week so it was going to be a hill day.  I went and got changed...only to discover I had forgotten socks!  EEP!

Coworker to the rescue...L had extra socks...that came with a forewarning...they'd be full of holes...

Turns out they were cotton too.  and L has way smaller footsies than my size 11 honkers.  But it was going to be better than bare feet in the kinvaras so I shrugged and headed out.

This shin thing was bugging me the whole time which was annoying.

But I headed up and down some hills.  7 of them to be exact.  Tried to mix it up with pavement and gravel.

It was so hot out, but I was so happy to get out and run.  This week has been so stressful between being unusually busy in the office and having the flooding weighing on me.

About halfway through, I got a hotspot on my arch...luckily it didn't turn into a blister.

And I made another canine friend...well, maybe not a friend per se...he DID NOT like me running by his fence one bit.

40 mins later I was done my 7 hills and on my way back to the office.  Another 5k in the books.   an stress held at bay for another day.

And I tossed those cotton socks.  I'll be buying L a pair of tech socks as a thank you for saving me.

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  1. No hat? Amazing. I tried the no socks thing, and for short rides and runs it was ok. But it goes bad really quick. It's itching me not to be able to run when it's this nice out.


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