Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Charting a New Course

I had brought my running clothes with me to work but contemplated bailing.  I feel like I still have so much I need to do to get ready for camping this weekend...but I also knew that a quick run would shake out some of the cobwebs that an unsettled night had left in my skull.  So, off I went...and it gave me a good opportunity to test out the new tank I bought myself at Strides on Sunday!

I started out not even knowing where I was going to go and then, spur of the moment, I decided to chart a new course.   It's time I added to my arsenal of running routes around the office, lest those who run with me start to get bored of the same old, same old.

My ankle was sore and stiff from the rolling it took on the trails on Sunday, but once I warmed up, it stopped aching and felt much better.

When I got to the park where Tina and I did our photos and videos a couple of weeks ago, I decided to just get on a path and see where it led.

this one led to the overpass at Anderson...

Over I went and into Canyon Meadows.  The path then gave me a couple of choices - I could go either east or west.  I checked the distance on my phone and decided to head west, up the crescent to Canyon Meadows School and then run to Elbow then turn around and go back the same way to make it about 5k total.

On the way back, I was treated to a lovely view of downtown from the overpass...way off in the distance.  The blue building in the mid-ground is my office.

And then in for a finish.  At the halfway point, I was on pace for a sub-30 5k...but I really died in the last km and came in much slower. Guess I shoulda had a snack before heading out.   Admittedly, the weather didn't help.  On the way out - there was a deliciously cool breeze and then it vanished and became an oven for the return journey.

Still - I got it done and it felt good to be out there.

and, as for the tank...yep - it's a winner.   Champion Powertrain tank.  If I find more, I WILL be buying them.


  1. I sure don't remember behind the LRT and bus barn being that green. The view of downtown from the top of the hill there and the overpass is surprisingly good. Nice tank!

  2. Nice tank!

    I miss that area :( I used to live right by there so the beginning of my running "career" was done there. We were by there on the weekend and I was reminiscing to J and telling him how much I missed the area. I doubt we will live there again.

  3. Very cute tank!

    Sometime you really need a run to help during the day. Glad you were able to get out!


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