Monday, June 24, 2013

A Most Uncomfortable Run

(Grr...apparently none of my posts this week have pushed.  I'm blaming the flooding...)

Today, I had my most uncomfortable run to date.   After the devastation of the weekend, I NEEDED a run. Something to help me process the junk code that has been filing through my brain since all of this flood stuff happened.

I was running along all happily - running my new Canyon Meadows route - and everything looked like it would be sunshine and lollipops for the run.   Well, I was overheating a bit but that's nothing new...

and then I hit the lights at Elbow and Anderson... 2.5k in and I was hit with an IBS flareup.  YOUCH!
Breathing through it.
The next 2.5k were the most agonizing of my life - alternating between sprinting (to get the heck back to the office) and walking while clutching my stomach.   I haven't had a bad flareup in a couple of years so this took me entirely by surprise...I wasn't sure if I was going to puke from the pain or crap my pants (TMI - I with it)

So - it wasn't a very fun run.  but I got it done and was very happy to see the end of it.

Just let me die in peace now...

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  1. That's the worst. I've never had it happen on a run before but on a hike. I wanted to die!


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