Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1)  I have the taper doldrums.  Not the crazies, since I am not tapering for a marathon...but with my 10k plan suddenly easing up - my motivation is gone.  I'm not worrying about it too much.  I really want to feel good for my big goal race on the extra time to rest and heal isn't a bad thing I suppose.  Especially since I am still super exhausted from the anemia.

2) My brain appears to be impaired.  I have caught myself falling into sugary eating patterns twice this week.  Once, it was when I decided to get a muffin instead of my usual eggs and toast in the cafeteria...and it wasn't until I ate the top of it that I realized "Crap - I don't eat this shit anymore"  and then this morning, I pulled out my travel mug to make my tea and almost decided to have coffee instead but realized I'd need sugar in it.  My sugar wean has been fairly pain-free.  I haven't really had to think alot about it - I just read labels and avoid it.  I was caught really off guard by how easy it would be to slip back into my old ways.

3) I think I finally decided what my next step is going to be.  I think I am going to do Whole 30 and 10 Minute Trainer as a one month challenge to myself.   I need to clean up my diet and I really need some strength training.   I think it will be a good kickstart to summer.  So - starting Monday?  Guess I'd better get prepping!


  1. You're going to do Whole30? I'm so excited for you!!!! You'll be the first vegetarian I know personally who did it!

  2. I need to look into this Whole30 thing. Will you be doing it with the girls too or just you?

    Sugar is everywhere so it's hard to avoid, especially when eating out.

    I'm also lacking motivation for the 10k but I think it's just bc I've had a busy week. I can't believe it's almost here!

    1. The girls will likely eat the same meals as I do when we eat together. I've done a test run with a few of them and they like them. It helps that they REALLY love eggs since that will be one of our main protein sources for the month.

      I can't believe it is almost here too. Where does time go?


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