Monday, May 13, 2013

Tank Test

Ok - last post today, I promise...

I am pretty sore from my weekend.  19k Saturday and 5k while carrying 40lbs yesterday has left me feeling like I ran a half marathon and did strength training.  Owie.

But I decided I still wanted to work out today to try to shake some of the soreness.   Down to the gym I went for some time on the bike.  A perfect opportunity to take the second tank I bought for a test drive. And, since it was the first time I changed in the 4th floor bathroom when no one else was guys even get a full body shot :P

Unfortunately, due to some work confusion this morning, I forgot to charge my tablet and couldn't hang out with the Bluth family.  I read instead.

I got a pretty good start on "It Starts With Food" too, so I'm a happy camper.  I wanted to relax and read all weekend (after my runs, of course) but it just didn't happen.  It worked out, though...apparently, when I read, I pedal faster than when I watch a show...this is nearly a mile further than last week...

And the verdict on my new tanks from Gap?  I like them.  A LOT. Lightweight, dry fast, comfortable.  I will definitely be going back for more.

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  1. Love the color of the one in your pic! So pretty!


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