Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Running with my Mini-Me

Hubby and I took a couple of extra days off after the long weekend so we could relax and spend time with our girlies.  So today, when Doodle slept in - I asked Buggie if she'd like to go for a run with her momma.

Wow - this kid moves fast!  Her little legs were doing a 7min/km EASY when she was actually running.  I had to race to catch up a couple of times.  That "best pace" doesn't surprise me a bit.

Of course, we didn't run the whole time.  First, we had to chase some blackbirds.  No way was I letting those bastard birds swoop my baby!   Luckily, the took the hint.

Then, we had to pet a cat who was sunning himself in the front yard.

We also had to pet garden statues. and smell a LOT of flowers.

In the end, we did 2.7k and finished up playing at the playground. 

She started to get tired at about the 2.5k point so I did end up playing sherpa at the end of the run.  

Such a great run with the ponytail I'll be chasing for the rest of my life.

(Doodle was up by the time we got home.  I ended up taking a 2k walk with her later in the day to make up for her missing the run.)


  1. The kid has great run form!

  2. Cute!! Maybe she will be a runner like her Mama!! It amazes me how fast little kids can run. Last year when I did a 5K this 8-9 year old kid totally beat me. We were running together for a lot of it but I lost steam at the end- and he didn't.


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