Saturday, May 18, 2013

Running in the Wilds of Langdon

I have something to attend in the city this afternoon so decided to save myself from two trips in and just run my long run in Langdon, blackbirds and all.  I do have a "safe" 5k route. and with 8k to run, I could just run 4k of it as an out and back.  A plan was in place.  and it was a lovely day for it - feeling much warmer than the 5C that was on the thermometer.

I even decided to wear the new Merrell tank I found at Winners for $ cute.

So, I headed out on a relatively unadventurous run.  I thought you all might enjoy seeing the "wildlife" I encountered on my run today.

This guy is usually so friendly on my local runs, but today he was totally giving me the cold shoulder.

and then there was this little guy near my turnaround. I didn't even see him when I passed the first time...he was so quiet (that is super unusual for ALL dogs in Langdon - he must be new and not know that yet)

I love him.  He is so soft - I nearly kidnapped him.  Do you think the owners would notice if I swapped him for Allergyhound?

Soon, I was at 4k and ready to turn around at around 26 mins.  Only a km from home but it was such a beautiful day, I wasn't even tempted to just turn the 8k into a 5k.

I then ran past the only hills in Langdon.  Why, yes - they were left behind by the developer.

As I crossed the highway, I looked wistfully at a way that would have made an 8k loop if it was at all safe to run that way...alas it is not.   Those damned redwing blackbirds nest up there...

So, I turned the corner and soon there was this guy singing away at me near the 6k mark.

and then it was just a matter of zooming through to the end.  Once I was back across the highway - I ramped it up and aimed to finish strong and fast.   That last km would have been around 5min/km if I hadn't had to wait at the highway to cross. Darnit.

My left knee was still a bit naggy so I am going to need to rest and rehab it this week.  That will give me an excuse to be in bed early all week.  The best part of this run today had to be letting myself take it easy yet still having a really strong moving pace.   All of my hard work is paying off bigtime and I can't wait to see it translate next week in my Goal 10k race!  Eeeeee!


  1. Langdon is much bigger than I remember. Take care of the naggy knee, before it gets cranky!

    1. And that map doesn't even show the big new communities in the south and the east of the's grown a lot since I moved here 6 years ago.

      and yep - taking it super easy. I really need to make stretching a habit :(


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