Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prescription for Anger

Oh my what a bitchy morning I had.  Seriously - heads were super close to rolling around here.  AND, even though it was a run day, I was DREADING IT.  Me and heat are not friends.  Even if today IS cooler than yesterday...we are still not friends.

So I was all grumbly like this (photo warning: may scare small children):

 and had decided that if I walked past the gym and there was a bike available - I would be riding not running.

But then I got changed and did a silent bitchslap to myself and said "A run will make the grumblies go away so just do it"  I pulled out my prescription pad and wrote myself a remedy for the grumblies.

My calendar called for speedwork but I didn't want to do it (See?  I really was in a most disagreeable mood).

I took off out of the building and just let myself go however fast my body wanted to.  Before long I was huffing and puffing. So I alternated the pushing and the puffing with walking and guzzling water...and ended up running 5.6km in 35 mins.

and at noon on a pretty warm day...

and now I look much less grumbly...and think I am MUCH less likely to tear peoples heads off.

Especially after a lovely calf stretch in the shade...

Check that first km!  4:51!!! May be a new land speed record for me. I must have been even more pissy than I thought.


  1. I did that with a swim once, noticing the time about the 2.5 K mark, and finishing out a 3 K swim in record time. It was easier to keep going than to stop. You had a smoking fast pace there! Pity you couldn't arrange to get pissy just before a race.

    1. No doubt, eh. Maybe I should start picking fights with people at the start line :P

  2. Haha this made me laugh! Glad your run made you feel better. Workouts are good stress relievers.

  3. holy crap that first K was smokin!!! you are right....maybe one should pick a fight at the start line! hahahahahahahah


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