Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Misty Run with a Fellow Chick

All morning, I shook out my trusty rain jacket in the hopes that the rain would see it through the office window and ease up for my lunchtime run with Tina.  No such luck...when she got here, it was still raining - though not downpouring so I suppose the jacket did it's best...

Tina and I had a mission in addition to getting a run in...we had a couple of things we needed to do as part of our being Chick'd ambassadors...and who better to do them with but a fellow chick!   There was video are going to have to wait to see's for an upcoming campaign.

and it gave me a chance to wear my new Chick'd Reprieve Tank!
this picture shows the colour more accurately than the one below.

This tank is so soft.   49% Reprieve Polyester, 45% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex.  Wicks really well.  I'm wearing an XL in the pic because the size chart seemed a bit weird.  I probably could have gotten a L and been fine but the XL doesn't fit half bad so I kept it.  And of course, I wore my lovely Cadence Capris too.  These are my new favourite none.  I am saving up for more of them!

We ran 2k first to get to this pretty little park near my work that has paths and trees...the perfect set for our movie. I joked that our clips will look like they are filmed in Vancouver! We spent a few minutes filming and then went for some fun pics...Tina did a jumping one so I wanted to as took us a few tries but still - so fun.

And then we carried on for the rest of the was the first time I'd seen her since the big race day so we had tons to talk about and rehash.

Another 4 k done.  I am feeling much less stiff today after yesterdays run...and that's really saying something since I did a rather intense 10 Min Trainer workout last night too!

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  1. it was so nice...optimal run temp. And it stopping pouring just for the run!! Love that tank!! Love the cadence capris too! y the end of summer I am gonna have to order a smaller size. Joy!! I love how these fit...perfect. Oh and y the way finished the run...didnt have time to shower and change for meeting. So i pulled on a dress over top of capris. rushed out hair. And went to my meeting! Perfect for running AND work.


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