Monday, May 13, 2013

For Sale: One Race Bib


I am officially selling my bib for Color Me Rad 5k in Calgary on June 29, 2013.
$30 (so, $20 cheaper than registering on the CMR website right now) can pay me in person or through paypal.

Update: The bib has sold.

My entry is fully transferable.  I have a spot in the first wave at 9 am (which is completely sold out) or I can move it to an afternoon wave if the buyer prefers.

My reason?  Scheduling conflict.

I was initially so excited about this race (still am) but I found out a REALLY great friend of mine (from Brazil) is coming to Vancouver that weekend and our family has decided to drive out to meet him.  I tried to figure out a driving schedule that would still allow me to race, shower, pack the car and drive to Kelowna that day...but it isn't happening.

So - to allow us to be on the road really early - I came to the decision that it is better to drop the race from the schedule and focus on my family instead.

Plus - and this leads to the next part of the announcement - it means I have a ROADTRIP TO VANCOUVER planned!!!!  So exciting!

For my Vancouver peeps - this means I will be in your very lovely city from June 30th - July 3rd!  Tweetup is in the works for the 2nd.  I'll share details soon!


  1. Oh no! I am so sad you have to give up Color Me Rad! However, I am SO glad you are coming to Vancouver! Yay! Cori time!

  2. do the kaleidoscope run maybe then?? Its the 2nd of June??

    1. Yep - I registered for it a few months ago too. That's why I'm not so broken up about missing this one (plus that one is timed with medals :P )


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