Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Before the rain...

I woke up still very stiff this morning.  Whether it was from the race, the post race trampoline bouncing or my first workout this round of 10 Min Trainer - I don't know.   But it was uncomfortable and miserable.  and I really wanted to run but didn't know if I would have a chance given my work today.

That...and the thought of running in this didn't really set my heart alight but it was more about shaking off the stiffness.

So, when the opportunity to go came up at 11:30 - I leapt immediately, changed and headed out the door.  The sun was still peeking through the clouds - maybe I could beat the downpour.

This butterfly was on the overpass above the train tracks...so pretty.  I don't think I've ever seen one so big with markings like this before.  He was probably 4 inches across.  He was struggling though, so I don't know if he was stepped on or just hanging out.  He was gone on the return trip so I'd like to think he flew himself away.

edited to add: apparently it is a Glovers Silk Moth!
Very rare!  So cool!

I did a quick 4k - continuous around the Southwood loop.  The first k felt a little creaky on the uphill, but once I had warmed up - I was feeling pretty good.
It was so hot and humid out there.  Running in humidity is just not something us Calgary runners need to battle very often.  At the end of the run - I took advantage of my warm muscles to really give them a good stretch.  Hopefully I start to feel more human as the afternoon progresses.

I ran this all by feel since one of my next goals is to run a 10k continuously and that is how I plan to do it so I won't be all hung up on pace. Here's what Nike had to say about this run...

It started to pour approximately three minutes after I returned to my desk.  Must be my lucky day.

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