Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Workout Wednesday: The Great Sugar Break-Up of 2013

After my Sugar Monster post on Monday, I was nearly overwhelmed by the response I got (both in comments and over my email)  and judging by my blog feed - a TON of other bloggers out there are feeling the same vibe.  That it is time for change.  For a challenge.  For health.

It's a funny thing - resolving to do something and actually following through.   Ever since I made the decision to do a sugar wean - I have been super careful.  I'm reading labels and becoming increasingly disgusted by how many of the "healthy" foods in my pantry contain added sugar.  I was incredibly alarmed by how many of them have it in the top 3 ingredients!!!  Yesterday - I was diligent and only really had 2 things with added sugar in them: my instant oatmeal at breakfast (9g, second ingredient) and honey in my breakfast tea.  Not bad for day one, I think. I did have a wicked headache by the time I got home but an Advil and Buggie as a caretaker helped me kill it quickly.  Today, I am aiming to only have it in my oatmeal (I need to use some things up so I can replace them with better).

I thought it might be helpful to you guys if I posted a list I found online of all of the different names that added sugar can take.

Scary, right? Just when you think an item is safe...suddenly THERE IT IS!

But as much as my little experiment to cut down is opening my eyes to it, I know I need top plan for a long term lifestyle change.

First - I think my hubby is simultaneously excited yet terrified about my sudden shift on this.  I must admit that that is kind of how I feel about it too.

Secondly - I know I need to look long and hard at the choices I make for running nutrition.  It's pretty hard for me to fathom being a sugar-free endurance runner.

Third - I need a plan.   I have ordered a couple of books on it and am reading everything I can get my hands on.  JS also recommended a documentary on Netflix (Hungry for Change) so I think I'll watch that tonight.  We also need to sort out our pantry to figure out what we will donate to the food bank, what we will keep to use up (and replace with better) and what can go straight into the garbage.  Should be an enlightening experience.

So, this week I am planning.  We are going to use the time to sort out our pantry and to read and learn.   I can't go cold turkey or I am sure I would murder my family.  Sugar and I are breaking up and it's going to take me some time to get over it, but it was an unhealthy relationship whose time has most definitely come.

And in the category of shit kids say, I had to share this little sugar-related tidbit from Doodle last night.

We were in the bulk area at Planet Organic (a local organic market) and Dood asked me what those were.  I told her they were chocolate covered pretzels and then she moved as though to step into a spotlight for her soliloquy
I would like those chocolate pretzels but I won't eat them because my momma says that chocolate makes me evil.
Classic.  I nearly choked.  The supplements guy nearly exploded from holding in his laughter.


  1. So no honey?? That is going to be tough! I think I could do without all the other sugar but I need honey to make some things more palatable like plain yogurt and tea.

    It's pretty crazy how much stuff has sugar in it.

    I burst out laughing at Doodle's soliloquy! Awesome!

    1. I haven't figured out where honey will lie in the grand scheme of this. Right now, I am still reading and figuring it all out. Chances are, I will just end up cutting out added processed sugar. Keeping things as natural as possible...

  2. I read a great article in the NY Times mag - Is Sugar Poison? Still haven't done anything, feeling a bit overwhelmed to be honest. Good for you taking the first step.

    I'm checking out a vegan organic bakery in LA this weekend - they use natural agave nectar as a sweetener (nothing processed or refined). I plan to collect a cookbook and will share recipes if it's as good as it sounds.

    That might take care of my own 'chocolate evils'!


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