Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1) Tina kind of blew my news on her blog first...but I'm going to announce it anyway.  Late last week, I was selected to be an ambassador for Chick'd Apparel.

Not only that, but Tina was also selected so now we have 2 ambassadors right there in Calgary!

I am super excited about this opportunity and this company.  They are a Canadian eco-friendly athleticwear company who actually manufactures their clothing IN CANADA!  And the stuff is CUTE!  I don't apply for many ambassadorships - they do really need to align with my own values and the more I learned about this company, the more excited I got. It felt like such a great fit for me that I just had to apply!

I am so happy to be partnering with this company and joining a team of great Chicks!   I am really looking forward to sharing more about the company and their clothing in the coming months.  Be on the lookout for many, many product reviews here!


2) I haven't written about it much lately - partly because I don't want to flood the blog with it before I have really figured everything out - but I am still sugar-free.
More or less.   I have likely had sugar when I'm eating out and I had to cave and buy products containing sugar (like breads and veggie burgers) for meals., but those were more about poor planning than anything.   I really need more hours in a day so I can really figure out how I want this to work in my life.  And I need more days in a weekend so I can prep more :P


3) This week, I borrowed the 10 Minute Trainer video set from a coworker to see if I might like it.  I have been needing strength work and, since I discovered I really can't do the Jillian Michaels videos without potentially injuring myself, that meant I was relegated to finding something short that I can do in the evenings.  Turns out I actually really love these videos!  I've always liked Tony Horton so it wasn't a stretch there.  In a last ditch effort to use my free trial month of Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping FTW) - I ordered the set for myself.

They should be waiting for me when I get home today!   I'll do a full review of them in a few weeks but I am sure you'll be hearing more about them as I work my way through.


and a couple of Calgary-related tidbits (I know, I's supposed to be THREE things thursday but these are worth mentioning.

My friend, Michelle, has arranged for a banner to be available at the Calgary Police Half expo this Friday and Saturday.  It is a thank you to the Calgary Police Service from the Calgary Running Community - thanking them for all they do to keep us safe while we enjoy our races.   Please drop by Mount Royal University and sign the banner if you can. It will hopefully be presented on Sunday before the race. 

She has posted all of the details on her blog, Fine Fettle Frets

and - did you see?  Calgary Marathon revealed the t-shirt and medal designs last night!  I love them all!


  1. Ohhh those clothes looks nice! Bet they aren't see-through like the lulu stuff I just bought!

    Good for you with the no-sugar!

    The Calgary shirts and medals look awesome!

    1. I've been so disappointed in Lulus offerings lately. The quality hasn't really been there for about a year.


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