Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1) I was so incredibly excited to get an email from MEC yesterday.  It looks like their $15 race series is now CHIP TIMED!!!!!  Best. News. Ever.  I am so looking forward to the 10k on April 13.  If I am feeling good - I may even aim for my PR, now that it's chip timed!

2) Hubby took some amazing pictures of the Girlies this weekend as the first photo shoot in our new home studio.  They just make me smile so I have to share them...

Seriously - these are a million times better than we have had in a studio since they were a year old.  I think the money we invested in setting up the home studio will pay for itself over time.

And, because you are likely going to ask - the dresses were from Costco.  Only $17!

3) I am very excited for the weekend this week. 14k run on Saturday, immediately followed by my Zentangle class.  And then food prep for a successful week next week.  Aaaaand then on Sunday it is my and hubby's 5th wedding anniversary!  Geez - has it really been 5 years since we wed on that private beach in Mexico?


  1. This post makes me all kinds of happy. You have a beautiful family. Congrats!

  2. Beautiful post! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the shots! Your girls are adorable :)

  4. The MEC races are time chipped now? I'm going to sign up for some of them. I just booked a massage for the 13th so I won't be able to do that one.

    Those are the cutest pictures ever!!! So darling! I would love to set up a studio but that's so far down on the list of priorities right now.

    Happy 5th anniversary! Time flies! We are celebrating 7 this year! Not sure how that happened!

  5. Wow those pictures are so amazing! You have to tell me how you set up that studio! The girls are so beautiful. Love the pic of you two in Mexico too. :o)

    1. The studio is fairly simple and actually wasn't that expensive (which is good because Hubby's equipment certainly is). All we did was dedicate a space in our basement that was wide enough for a roll of background paper. The mounting brackets we have will hold up to 3 rolls so we can expand with different backgrounds down the road. I think we bought everything at (not sure if you guys have Vistek there)

      The best part is being able to stage a photoshoot whenever the girls are in good moods. and to have the freedom to edit them up to make them look really nice (thank goodness we're both graphic designers, right?)

  6. I can't believe i missed this! Love the pictures of the girls :)


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