Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springy Winds

The schedule told me I had to get an easy 5k in today.   I didn't really want to go and I was kinda feeling a bit if Doodle were here she might do this:
(and, yes, you can use it...just don't alter it)
The weather Network was telling me this:

Which is considerably warmer than it's been all I really had no excuses.  I pulled on my capris and a longsleeve and hit the road.

But keeping it easy was tough.  I really wanted to push myself.  So I decided I would push and then I would walk and I would just do that until I had 5k under my belt.

Unfortunately, I had to wait for the lights at Elbow and Southland...for like 4 to be standing still for that long.  But the rest was smooth sailing.  AND WINDY!  For the first half of it, I was pushing against the wind the whole way.   Then, I was melting the whole way back on Macleod.   Luckily, I wasn't stopped by any more lights...though I did see a cop on the route and was worried he'd pull me over for going above my personal speed limit (bad joke, I know)

Between the run and a good calf stretch on the curb...I am feeling pretty good for this afternoon!

as long as I stop sweating forehead is so glisten-y


  1. Nice run Cori! It was a gorgeous day out there. Is it weird that I didn't notice the wind at all? And would have said it wasn't windy. Maybe I was just floating along because the sun was shining

  2. I love that picture of Doodle-that was my favourite when you posted the girls' photo shoot.

  3. Cute picture of Doodle! We all need one of those to get us out the door some days. Good job on the run. It was like that on my run on Tuesday- freezing to start but at the turn around I was melting.


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