Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Speedy Tuesday with Tina

All morning, I would look out the window and see the lovely sunshine and think "Maybe, just maybe it will be warm like the sun thinks it is"

By noon, the weather looked like this

Not too shabby...or so I hoped.  I got changed and then headed out to meet up with Tina.   And the moment I stepped out of the door, I was BLASTED by the stupid wind.  The cold wind. But I knew I would warm up fast...we had speed on the menu today.

I hauled out my trusty Gymboss app and pulled up the Run Spice workout I've been doing lately.  Hit start and we were on our way.

The 10 minute warmup passed quickly as we chatted along.  Every now and then I would pull out my phone to see when we were getting close to the intervals.  Then...suddenly we were on them and the damned thing hadn't beeped to let me know!  The first interval was a wash as that was how we noticed it had moved on...but for the rest of the intervals I kept my phone in my hand and just shouted the changes to Tina.  I need to get that alarm working again before next week.

Before we knew it - the 4 minutes were over and we could resume our steady state run again

The steadystate/cooldown didn't really equate to the full 15 mins, but it's all good.

Another awesome Cori and Tina workout complete.

I had a training session to teach in the early afternoon so i had to bolt so I could change and de-stinkify before it. So no time to really chat after the run.

But I made sure to get a good calf stretch in on the stairs

and my fitbit was sure happy I got out there

Nike had a fair bit to say about the workout (and I still wanted to kill Tim Tebow's voice at the end of it - seriously, how do I shut that off?)


  1. Nice job! It was seriously windy out today, but when not in the wind, it was nice and warm! :)


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