Thursday, April 25, 2013

Speedwork x 2

Sooo hot out there.  I wish I'd had a tank in my office workout wear drawer.   But I shouldn't complain.  It snowed just 4 days ago.  And probably will again before we formally welcome Spring here.

I took my new Gymboss timer out for some speed intervals...

I started off along Macleod Trail - and, for once, didn't need to wait more than 30 seconds for the light to change!  My legs felt sluggish but I chalked that up to poor fuel timing (I ate my Larabar and then got absorbed in some HTML coding I was doing and when I looked up an hour had lapsed.  ooops).  So I warmed up for 1km and then turned on the timer.

I set it up for 10 intervals at 15 seconds each.   I even jogged through the rest intervals instead of walking.  When the timer beeped to tell me the set was done - I was exhausted...but happy to be done.

Ready to just steady state run the rest of the workout - Off I went...and then I accidentally hit the start button again and couldn't turn it off!!!  I was faced with the choice of beeping annoyingly for the next 5 mins (which included a stretch past a high school at lunch) or running the intervals again.

So I did another 10 intervals.  I think its safe to say I did speedwork today.

Good thing I wore my Magic Running Pants

and Holy crap was it ever hot out...I started with the wind in my face and it felt pretty good...but once I was in the shelter of the residential street - I was dripping hot.

As Leana would say - it's not's LIQUID AWESOME!


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