Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snowy Snowy Spring

All morning, I looked out my window to watch the changing seasons.  It started out looking all warm and spring like.  Then it started to rain.  Then the blizzard blew in.  The the wind started to swirl.   Then it stopped...and it was right around when I was contemplating changing.

I had hills on the menu and was supposed to run them with my friend Katie until she ended up waking up with a chest cold.   My stomach also tried to do the "it's Thursday  let's mess with Cori's intestines" dance.   It was shaping up to be a fun run.

By the time I got downstairs, it was blizzarding again.  You can't see it in the pic, but that is only because it is swirling so fast.

But there was no question about whether I would head out.  Fair weather runner I am most definitely not.

Also - I finally brought different shoes in to keep at the office.  The last time I wore these babies was at Disney World with Nikki by my side.  They still had pixie dust and unicorn sparkles on the soles and I had to remember to pry  the Team in Training shoe tag off before I put them in my bag.  But my old office Kinvaras are showing their age and my coworker gave me the idea to retire them from regular use and save them for my colour runs in June.

So it was on to the hills.   6 hills = 3 streets with 2 repeats each.  That means you get them in but don't have the residents thinking you are totally insane like you do when you run the same residential hill over and over...

View from beneath the brim of my soaked hat

and I had a moment of Mum-Tum is vanishing.   Just since cutting out the sugar.  I caught a glimpse of my profile in this truck window on the way up and had to take a proof shot.

I've been this weight before and the Mum-Tum has still been firmly in place.   Now it is slimming right down. I COULD.NOT.BE.HAPPIER!

While I was protected by the east-west of the hills, I had to head back onto a northbound pathway...and the weather hit me full in the face...literally.  Miniature icicles raining down on me.   My clavicle ached from them smashing against it.   And I was totally caked in snow.

I went a bit further than I thought this route would amount to - and the hills may not have been as challenging as if I'd run the 6 streets separately - but I did it.   And now it's done.

Here's what Nike had to say about the whole thing (and I had never heard of the person who cheered me on today)

I'm at a loss at what this hill drawing might be...


  1. Ohh, I like the weather overlay on your photo. I'm going to have to grab that app! Great job on your hill repeats. I was out there at lunch too and it was just crazy! I had 8 x 2:00 and I was getting pelted in the face the entire time. Great job for getting out there in this weather! I'm glad to hear that you are seeing such a positive result from cutting out sugar too. Nicely done!

    1. Yeah - I saw the app on Leanne Shirtliffe's twitter (@lshirtliffe)today and HAD to have it! It took some playing with to get it to do what I wanted, but I have a feeling it will be well used :)

      Good on you for getting out in this crap too. Maybe this will be the last blast (hahahaha)

  2. Great job getting your run done and your hill repeats in without looking like a crazy person :)

  3. Your run looks like an Alpine Horn wearing a crown.

  4. I was looking out the office window, and so glad I wasn't going running in it. Or even outside. Happy about the disappearing mum tum. Neat name. Then there's what I'm carrying around. Sigh.


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