Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reward Talk

When I did Diet Bet v1.0, I set myself a defined reward for if I won.   And then, when I won more that I expected (and lost more weight than I expected), I happily ordered myself a yarn ball winder AND a Gymboss timer!  Consider myself rewarded (Oh, how I cannot wait for them to arrive).

But then I decided to host the Read. Write Run. Mom. DietBet - I knew I would need a new reward...but there wasn't anything I thought I wanted enough to use as a reward.  Nothing I'd wanted for a while and could use as motivation.  I was at a loss.

But then today, it hit me...I totally DO want something bad enough.  Compression Calf Sleeves!   Oh - to be able to have calf compression and still wear flip flops...I would be in heaven.  I love my compression socks but after a race - I just want to be in flip flops...

So, when I win this dietbet...I will be totally be picking up a pair.   Maybe as a splurge at the Calgary Marathon expo. :)

Yep - this will TOTALLY be good motivation.


  1. I am liking this reward idea. Plus I love the calf sleeves I got for last weekend, you can wear them anywhere. Good choice!

  2. When I first saw compression sleeves, I thought "What's the point, why wouldn't you just wear socks?" And then one day recently I really wanted to wear my compression socks post-run, but my feet really wanted to be in sandals. Total "AHA!" moment.


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