Sunday, April 21, 2013

Race Report: Spring Trio 5k 2013

Some background:

Me and the 5k distance have had a difficult time since I started running 3 years ago.  It seemed as though I could get really close to 30mins in training runs but as soon as you put me in a 5k race - I would choke and end up way over 30mins.  I tried to convince myself that it was because the distance always felt more like a training distance than a race distance.  That 5ks don't really count and that I was just not a very fast runner so getting below 30 mins might actually not be in the cards for me.

And then I started going sub-30 in the first 5k of my 10k races.  It just didn't make sense.   and I was still stuck.   Last fall, at Run at the Ranch, I had a bit of a breakthrough.  If that race had had a flat finish, I would have definitely gone sub-30.   Way sub-30.   I finished it with a new PB at 30:32 thanks to the mountain before the finish line.

and the fires started to burn for a sub-30 5k.  2013 was going to make it happen.

My first 5k of the year was in Florida at Disney and was just a slow, costume fun run.  No PB there and I didn't expect it.

My 2nd 5k of the year was going to be it - but slushy cold conditions at St. Paddys made it impossible.  I had to content myself with working my arse off for a 33min finish.

and I was steamed about it.  I needed redemption.   Leana suggested Spring Trio 5k, where her 5k PB had happened.  I signed up that same day.

Race Package

Not much to write home about.  The 5k shirts are short sleeve cotton shirts.  I do love the design this year and will probably wear it a fair bit.   The bib contained the chip.

On to the race recap:

I had another interrupted night of sleep last night.  And when I finally fell into a deep dream at 4am, I had a disturbing dream about the overnight snowfall and later race start throwing me off...and then I missed the race.  I woke with a start.   and was super relieved to see 7am on my clock instead of the 10:47am that had been on my wristwatch in the dream!  I was NOT happy to see THIS out my front door, though...

More snow.   Boo.  My twitter friends confirmed that there was snow in the city as well, but JS (who lives just off downtown) was quick to let me know that it was pretty light down there.  As long as the paths weren't icy - I knew I had a shot.  It is a flat-ish course and I run it several times a month usually so I stood a good chance of meeting my goals today!

I ate my breakfast and got ready to head into the city - aiming to arrive by 9:30.  With enough time for a potty break and to chow down on a Larabar before the start.

I even had time to hit the Running Room and find my favourite sports bra on sale!  Things were looking up!

Then, as I was running to get my wallet, I ran into Alida (remember, I ran Harvest Half with her last year...and she was on my K-100 team) and her mom, Ingrid (also from my K-100 team).  She was running the 15k today.  We chatted a bit then I rushed off to finish my shopping before gun time.

Once I headed outside, the start line was pretty quiet.  The air was crisp but it was warm in the sun.  I was happy I had trusted my clothing choice.

Alida joined me at the start and we chatted some more and I remembered to get my camera out:

and then, right before the start of the race, I spied Michelle over at the edge so popped over quickly to say Hi...and got to meet her friend Maria.

Seconds later the race started.   And I was so not seeded properly.  But I was off like a shot and feeling pretty lead leggy until I glanced at my Garmin...and saw 5:09/km!!!!  I had to dial that in pronto but used the opportunity to re-seed myself - pulling ahead of the slower runners.

I felt good.  No sign of cramping and after my legs had warmed up and my speed had mellowed a bit, I was still trucking along at a nice clip.  I made myself a promise that I could walk at the turnaround.   I just had to get there first.

As I passed the 2k mark, I started seeing 5k people on their way back.   And there weren't as many as I expected.

I hit the turnaround at 13 mins and change and gave myself that walk break.  I was pushing hard and could feel it.   I drank some water and then started to run again.   I passed Michelle and then Alida and, shortly after, saw another familiar face form my K-100 team - Lucy!   I was flying and feeling so good...but pushing so hard.

At around the 3.5k mark,I had to take another 20 sec walk break for some water but I could taste my new PB!  I shoved my headband and gloves in the empty bottle holster on my belt and I started to run again with my eye on the prize.

When I saw the turn off to the finish chute, I could hear some kids cheering before I could see them.  As I came to them, I shouted "High fives for the big finish!" and they were giddy as they stuck their hands out for me.  Their dad yelled "Thanks" so I have a feeling that made their little day!  Then it was there...the finish line.  I could see the clock saying 27mins and high in the seconds - but I had started really far back.  I pushed and pushed with everything I had...and crossed the line.

Now as far as goals went, I was going to be happy with anything under 30 mins.  28 mins seemed blindingly fast for me and I didn't think I would be anywhere near that...

But I finished in 27:25.

A new PB by 3 mins and 7 seconds!

and 4th in my Age Group!  4TH!!!  I was never really a contender for 3rd - she finished a min and a half ahead of me...but to finish 4th is the highest I've ever placed.

Tears sprang to my eyes and I just fist pumped and said "YES!" as I did a little happy dance all around the plaza!

I had to sit down and relish the moment for a bit...that and I was wobbly and exhausted.  A feeling I have never really had without the distinct feeling I was about to puke.

And I was elated!  WOOT!  At last the curse was broken!  I had my sub-30!  And DAMN did it feel good!

This is BY FAR the fastest I have ever run...period.   I've had some pretty swift moving speeds on weekday runs but never clocked in this fast.

My speed and hill training is paying off!   It's very exciting!

The Garmin Geekery:


  1. Congrats. I would just like to be under 34 minutes this year. Maybe some day I will be chasing 30 sometime! Awesome PR!

    1. Thanks! and You can totally do it. I have been really amazed at what adding speed and hill training have done. The majority of my 5ks before this were 32+ mins.

  2. So excited for you Cori! This is still something I have yet to accomplish in an actual 5k race. Way to go! Happy dance...

    1. Thanks Nikki! And you will so do it soon! Once you get your ultramarathon out of the way you'll have room for speedy short ones ;)

  3. So awesome why you have a huge increase in performance like that!

  4. It made my day to see you so happy. You deserved it. You were ready. Awesome job out there!

  5. This is brilliant, super fast!!

  6. That is amazing! My goal is to also break a 30 minute 5K (which, like you, I can do when training, but struggle during actual events), but 27 is absolutely awesome!!!!

    I also got my Clif bar prize pack. Just what I needed to cheer me up - I was sick with the flu all week. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Loving the new flavors.

  7. That'a fantastic. I liked your write-up as well. I have been following your blog for a while and you are doing a fantastic job!

    As someone who is working on her sub-30 5K, I can very well understand what your emotions are.

    Happy running!

  8. can I pay you to pace me on my Birthday run?? haha :-) I haven't cracked under 30...thoughi am soooo close!

  9. Holy cow you are much speedier than me! Just found some pics of your twinks.... so precious! Oh and I'm the same way with recipe's... in fact, I only post SUPER easy ones that ANYONE can do! :)

  10. Just reading this now- congrats!!! Holy speedy! You killed that PR!


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