Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pedometers and Bikes don't Mix

Ever since I started using the office gym more, I have been very sad about the fact that I am working my arse off (hopefully literally) and my fitbit is only showing half the steps that a run would garner me.  I mentioned it on Twitter and a friend of mine told me she wears hers on her sock when she cycles.  Brilliant.

So I tried that today...clipping it to the outside of my shoe.

and same # of steps as when I clipped it to my waist or shirt hem..  ARGH!  

So I dialed up the tension on the bike (or whatever you call pushing that button until it's harder.   I suppose dialing is a bit old school nowadays) and plugged myself into a couple more episodes of Arrested Development.

Loving this, though it may be a bit too funny for gym workouts...luckily the gym was practically empty today.

I even managed to get a little selfie to prove it was me putting in the work

Ok - I look a little demented there...eep

In the end - it worked out to 40 mins on the bike. Not as many miles as Monday, but I did make it considerably harder so it all balances out.

I was thoroughly sweaty and disgusting when I was done but that is all good.  Thank goodness for baby wipes and curly hair...makes it easy to look (and smell) somewhat office presentable after...


  1. There are websites that offer conversion for "steps" based on how hard you work/ride. I think my bike ride at 14 mph is something like 203 steps per minute. :)

  2. Good workout! I have the same issue when I use my Garmin while running on the treadmill. I might invest in the foot pod thing so it somewhat tracks distance.


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