Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ol' Lead Legs

After a night of extremely interrupted sleep, I headed out to do my 14k...the first run I've done at Glenmore since last fall.

The thermometer in the car tried to tell me that it was 2 degrees but the wind that I drove against all the way in made me wonder what I was heading into. I wish the car could have told me about the was cold yet as humid as Florida out there.

But I still dragged my tired ass out of the car and onto the path for the solo 9k that I had to run before I met up with JS.  The wind off of the reservoir was biting, but it looked so pretty as I was starting out.

And MAN were my legs like lead.  Running into the wind didn't help.  and each step felt like I was heading directly uphill.

Gone was the ease that I have been running with the past few weekend.  Gone was the speed.  Each step was a struggle.   At 3k, I contemplated turning around.  Then at 3.5k...and again at 4.  In the end, I did make it to the 4.5k mark and turned myself around.  I texted JS to let her know I would be a few mins late and carried on.

At 8k, I saw a familiar figure running toward me and it was JS, running out to meet me.   So we ran back to the landing for a quick potty break and then out for the last 5k at a really easy pace.

The wind had switched direction on the way out again and it was a struggle to even talk.   But about a km in, my legs finally woke up and started to feel good.  We ran out to the 11.5k mark and then turned back.  We had a coffee date with our favourite injured runner girl, J, and we needed the run to be over so we could start enjoying time with our good friend! It was so wonderful to see her (yes, I was an idiot and forgot to snap a pic)!

And a lovely stretch for good measure.  Very important since I have a 5k PR attempt tomorrow.

Look how frizzy I am...damn curls.
The Garmin Geekery

I'm really glad we went slow and kept an easy pace.  I am taking the difficulty of the run today as a good omen for tomorrow.  I picked up my race package at Gord's after and was so sad that the mountain of sale shoes didn't have a single pair of anything in my size...not even in the mens stuff.  

Wish me luck for tomorrow.


  1. Nice! I like running near the Reservoir. Often it's up 37 st and then west, but sometimes east. I never have any luck with sale stuff either.

    1. The reservoir is one of my favourite places to run. When I was training for my first marathon - I would run two loops of it for my longest long runs :)

      I was surprised to have no luck with the sale piles at Gords today. Usually I luck out since I have an odd size for a woman...but they were even out of my size in the mens stuff too...


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