Monday, April 15, 2013

Netflix and Bikes

I have a great fitness centre at my work.  A great little fitness centre that I have used all of 5 times in the 6 months I've had a membership.  At $15 a month - well - I am definitely overpaying for something I rarely use.   Today, I decided to rectify that.

I brought my little tablet that has the mobile plan on it and spent my lunch watching Arrested Development on Netflix while I cycled

This isn't a new thing for me...when I first started my weight loss journey back in 2010 - that was how I exercised off the first 30lbs!   Just me, the dvd box sets of felicity and my home stationary bike (oh, and eating better might have played a part as well).

It took me a while to figure out the bike in our gym and I am not sure I even really DID figure it out in the end.  I spent 5 mins just pushing buttons to see if I could increase the tension (didn't work until halfway into the workout) then I set the timer for 30 mins and decided to just watch and pedal and not worry about whether it was following the program I wanted.

When 30 mins were up, I started a 5 min cooldown...and then I was done.

I have no clue if that is miles or kms...I have to assume miles because that is what the treadmills are down there...

and one thing is for sure...cycling is no match for running on the fitbit side of things.  A Run that long would have had me at 8000+ steps for the day...

But at least I got the cross training in and started adding value to my $15/month expense.  And a win for you guys...the gym was too crowded for me to take self portraits without embarrassing

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  1. Good job on your workout! I can't stand stationary bikes- I much prefer to spin on my bike, a spin bike or ride outside.

    I got through a couple seasons of One Tree Hill spinning on my bike.


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