Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday X-training

Despite running both days on the weekend (and earning a helluva PB in the process), I decided that Monday called for a bit of cross training in the office gym.  Onto the bike I went.  And this time, like magic, it was like I knew how to program it so I actually got a decent workout.

And got to watch 2 episodes of Arrested Development while I was at it (love having a mobile package on my tablet).

The gym is getting busier and busier, earlier and earlier.  I went at 11am today and it was almost packed with people. (half selfie, half sneaky shot of the crowded room :P)

I ran through 40 mins of the random program set to a pretty challenging tension and finished up at 9.5 miles by the end of the 5 min cooldown.

I also had my fitbit clipped to the hem of my top, but it still didn't register very high on the ol' steps. The whole workout amounted to maybe 2500 steps.   If I make it to 7000 steps today, I am going to count that as my 10,000.

Great workout and an awesome way to shake out some of the lead in my legs after yesterday's race!

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