Monday, April 15, 2013

MOMday: Desugaring the Pantry

Well, it's been 2 weeks on my journey to cut out sugar.  I am actually doing remarkably well...I have found sugar-free replacements to many of my favourite treats and am really taking the time to read labels.   I can still see where difficulties will come with this.  Eating out is going to be a real challenge...this morning I bought a bagel in the cafeteria and, as soon as I was back to my desk and took a bite, I could taste the sugar in it.    Ah well - I'm still weaning and this was a good test.  and a good reminder to just get my but in gear to make breakfasts on the weekend.

This weekend, however, came a task I had been dreading.  Desugaring my Pantry and Cupboard. *shiver*  Especially since I had also gone to Costco on a sugar-free shopping spree and needed a place to put everything.

I started with my walk in pantry.  The walk in pantry I haven't been able to actually WALK into, well, ever (see before pic).  I hauled everything out and put everything containing sugar onto the dining room table (middle picture).   Then I culled the expired stuff and started to put things back (see after pic).

There was still a large amount in that middle picture that was brand new, so I packaged it up for the food bank. I also had hubby look over the table for anything he really didn't want to get rid of - so some of it did go back into the pantry (namely protein powders and a couple of cereals).  But the rest hit the trash.  We'll replace it with better when we need it, though there wasn't much in there that we NEED.

Then it was on to the smaller task of cleaning out the can cupboard.  I did the same process as above and was actually surprised at how good our recent shopping choices have been.   That middle pic is the sugar containing stuff and it will go straight to the food bank, with the exception of the beans and tomato sauces which we will use up and replace with better.

I'm so proud of the fact I did this exercise.  It was good to really read labels and allow myself to be shocked at what I saw.   I have a feeling we will be shopping at a lot more natural markets in the future.  We are very lucky that our local Costco actually has a really great selection of organic produce at very good prices to help us offset those market trips....

You'll notice I haven't mentioned the last place I need to do a sugar sweep of...the fridge.   I'm kind of dreading looking at all of those condiments...but soon - I will attack that as well.   Our family is going to have a wonderful, healthy kitchen going forward.  And after this weekend, it is something I am incredibly excited about.


  1. I really should do this too. When I started Whole30 I decided not to and just avoid the stuff that has sugar in it. It hasn't been hard to do that but I'm kind shocked at the amount of stuff I haven't touched in a month. There are some things I won't mind a bit of added sugar in after Whole30 but there are so many things where sugar is added but just isn't necessary. THAT's the stuff I want to eliminate forever.

    1. I seriously filled the food bank bin at work through doing this. It was a really great exercise - you should totally go for it.

  2. Your pantry is practically empty now! Good for you for going through this exercise.
    I actually find I have less of a problem avoiding sugar but am having a harder time finding things for A to eat that are convenient and she can feed herself that aren't full of sugar. She can be picky at times (normal) so I can't always feed her fruit and veggies for snacks but I also don't want to give her junk either.

    What are you giving the girls for snacks?

    1. We try to stick to fruit or veggies. They love crackers and cheese with hummus. We have a rule in the house that if they ask for fruits or veggies - the answer is always yes. They have never been given much candy and I honestly don't think they have ever had pudding (certainly not from us anyway). Sometimes I will let them have potato chips, but even they acknowledge that those are a "special treat".


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