Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Reservoir Loop of 2013

This week my long run got to be on Sunday after hubby asked me to swap it so he could have the car on a Saturday morning.  That left me without a partner, so I put the call out on Twitter to find someone to run with

And Michelle was quick to respond.   We arranged to meet up at 9 at the Glenmore Running Room.  She is training for Calgary Full so she ran10 or 11k before she had to meet me.

Perfect weather for a reservoir loop...albeit a little windy.  I wore my Urban Running Girl shrug over a tank and my magic pants and was just about perfectly dressed (for me).

Today was also the Calgary Police Half and it also loops the reservoir so we had some competition on the paths (well, not really - by the time we headed out - it was just the end of the crowd) but it gave Michelle ample opportunity to capture shots of volunteers along the way.

We did the clockwise loop from Glenmore Landing at a relaxed pace.  I was really happy to take it easy since my legs have been feeling really heavy this past week.  Perhaps it is a recovery from Spring Trio thing...

And I was also very happy to finally see signs of spring along the way

Pussy willows

 The ice breaking up

But, while nature is realizing that Spring is landing...the humans have yet to do the same.  I was sad to see that none of the seasonal washrooms are unlocked yet. :( 

As we came out of the Weaselhead, there were the CPS Bagpipers...just packing up at the end of the race.  We ended up having to chase them for a bit to get a photo.

Quick selfie of the two of us:

The miles passed easily with great conversation.  Michelle and I are really well matched on long slow run paces.

By the time we were running along Glenmore the end was in sight and we were both looking forward to continuing the conversation over coffee.  

As we passed Heritage Park, I was quick to notice that all of the flags were at half mast...a fitting tribute for the Police Half

Speaking for tributes - the Thank You banner that Michelle had made for the Calgary Running community to sign was given a place of honour at the start line today:
(Michelle's pic)
We capped off the run with a lovely stretch before heading in for the most important

The longest runs of this training cycle are almost done...15k next week, 16 the following...and then taper for my big goal race - the Jugo Juice 10k at Calgary Marathon.  I can't believe it's almost here!

The Garmin Geekery for today:

and, for a laugh:

I'm not sure my Garmin was on the same run as I was.  

Thanks for a great run, Michelle.  Looking forward to the next one.


  1. Sounds like a great run! I'm with you - anxious to see the signs of spring. :-)

    1. I just can't wait til there are leaves. If they keep locking the seasonal washrooms until the end of may - it's going to be hard to find decent coverage to dash into the bushes! HA!

  2. Thanks for a GREAT run and AWESOME chat Cori! Too funny we both showed up in our Kinvara 3's! What a relief it was to hear the bagpipers "knees" were warm enough in their kilts, eh!?

  3. Good job on the run! Wish I could have met up with you- however I was cross training by moving boxes. Running would have been much more fun.

    I am so behind on my long runs. It's probably a good thing I am "only" doing 10K.

  4. good job ladies!!! my fav part of my halfmara was the pipers!!! love em


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