Friday, April 5, 2013

Dreadmill in the Office Gym

I had a mid-morning meeting in our other building and the walk across the street had me dreading a run in that wind.  Since I had skipped yesterday's run due to stomach distress (it was a last minute call on that one - I was just too pained to run it) - I knew I had to make it up today.  Luckily the schedule called for an easy 5k and I can totally do that on the office dreadmill.

And I should probably use that gym membership since I pay my $16 for it every month.

So off to the office gym I went.

and onto the dreadmill.  Luckily I was there early enough to commandeer the fan.  And discover how hard it is to take running pics of yourself on a moving treadmill.  Almost as hard as trying to pull up your Rdio playlist.

So flattering. But at least no one else in the gym can say I posted their pic without their consent.

I was just going to run at an easy pace (5mi/hr) for half an hour then cool down, but at the 10 minute mark I was getting bored so I bumped the speed up to 5.5mi/hr.  and then up to 6mi/hr at the 20 min mark.  So kind of a progressive workout I guess...with a slow 5 min cooldown walk to finish.

Almost 5k.

I think every pore in my body was sweating.  At least I just look like I'm glowing in my usual post-run "stretching in the stairwell" shot

and AHHHHHHH!  My calf thanked me for this.  So much.

14k is on the schedule for tomorrow.   Luckily I can do it in a more self-propelled way instead of pulling a repeat on the hamster act.


  1. I work on the 4th floor now, and going up and down the stairs has been good for my calves. I think. You seem to be really good about getting out for lunch runs. Do you get in early or leave a little late to make the time?

  2. I work on the 4th floor too and prefer the stairs so will take them whenever possible. After a year of doing it - elevators no longer seem normal to me.

    My day starts just before 5am and it is a constant rush to get myself and both twins ready. We're on the road by 6:30 and I get to work for 8:15...then, after work - it is a rush home, make dinner, eat, get the girls ready for bed and then fall down too tired to work out. If I didn't use my lunch hours - I'd never get a weekday run in :)

    My trick is that I eat at my desk. I'm a web developer and most of my team is distributed across the province so my work is all done over the phone and through our web management I have plenty of freedom to snarf my lunch after my run.

    The other trick? Baby wipes. almost like a shower for the afternoon ;)

  3. Good job! My treadmill pictures always turn out like that if I'm moving!

    I work on the 47th floor. I will not be climbing the stairs everyday!

    I really can't complain when I only have to get myself ready in the morning. I could not imagine getting 2 little ones ready and out the door by 6:30am. What time do you go to bed? I'm still in awe that you get everything done in a day.

    1. It gets easier, Nicole. That first month is the hardest, but you'll start finding your routine soon.

      I pack the girls breakfast to eat in the car (and some for the dayhome) in the evening to speed things up in the morning. I'm usually in bed by 10. If I could find a way to still accomplish everything and be in bed earlier - I'd totally take it. I also eat my own breakfast at my desk. I had to accept that my naturally curly hair had to be au natural just to save time. Turned out it made it easier to look normal after my run because then I just need to dampen it and it falls back into craziness :P


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