Thursday, March 21, 2013

The One Where I Wore a Hat

It was close.  I came this close to skipping today's 6k easy run. Not for lack of wanting to.  But more because I was scheduled to test technology until 12:30 and then had a 1 pm meeting.  And the snowy mess outside wasn't really making me think running would be a fun lunchtime endeavour.

But when my part in the second half of the testing was cancelled - I suddenly had time.  and I can't even think how I might make up the steps on the Fitbit UNLESS I ran today.  So I changed and headed out.

I even wore a hat. I NEVER wear a hat.

So I headed out - thinking I maybe had time for 5k.  So started with my usual Haysboro loop, but planned to extend it up to Elbow Drive and then back down Southland.  

It looked a little something like this.  Wet.  Windy. Snowy.

Right around Woodman Jr High, I stepped on what I thought was snow and drenched my shoe.  This urged me on to finish faster to I put the pedal to the metal and hightailed it back to the office.

The actual run time was much shorter than 38 mins - I got held up at a couple of stoplights and once for a train crossing.  It felt speedy to me.  Especially since I kept flying across the intersections where any cars were waiting.  Improvised speedwork.

Got it done.  Even smiled like Meb (see below) for a bunch of it. (I figure if he can smile through an Olympic marathon, I have no reason not to during a sloggy snowy run)


  1. That hat looks very nice. Even though I don't wear hats much in regular life, I can't think of a run without one. What's it like running along McLeod Tr there, re: sidewalk situation?

    1. There is solid sidewalk between southland and Heritage on the west side (not sure it runs the whole way on the east side). It's not bad for running - most of the non-intersection lights are pretty easy to time - the only downside is that some days it cam be a little exhaust heavy. I prefer Elbow drive to Macleod in that respect.

      I rarely wear a hat unless there is threat of my glasses getting spotty from the rain...

  2. I wear hats in the summer and them when I run! Great job on the run!


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