Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tabata the Run Spice Girl

Yep - today was speedwork day.  And I really didn't want to.  I have visions of sitting at my desk, sketching my lunch away.  But really - I knew I had to do it.  I was just dragging my heels.

Then I found out I had to escort my new coworker to another building for her 1 pm meeting.  That gave me exactly 45 mins to change and run.  Probably meaning I would be delivering her in my running clothes.   Talk about speedwork incentive.

So I fired up the Tabata timer with Katie's Run Spice workout and hit the road. 10 min warm up and then 8 - 15 second run/jog intervals and a cooldown.  In no time I was speeding along Elbow drive, knocking off the speed demons one by one.

The thaw this week meant my route was almost entirely ice free.   NICE!  I just had one stretch in the last km that was super snowy and I had to walk over it rather than risk killing myself.

I skidded back into the building in exactly 27 mins and just in time to get my coworker to the other office.

and dripping sweat as I walked her over in my dripping running clothes.

Trust me - in real life I looked much more drippy...
Here's what Nike+ had to say about the whole affair (btw - I HATE the "inspirational" crap at the end of the run.  Anybody know how to turn that off?  I'd love to shut Tim Tebow up so he'll stop congratulating me while I stretch)


  1. You always look sooo happy after your runs, you glow! I'm kinda jealous, but hey, I'm happy for you. You rock!


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