Sunday, March 10, 2013

Preparing for Success

This morning, I awoke to the email I had been waiting for..the official call to weigh in for the Fitfluential DietBet.

So, despite a sleepless night - I hopped on the scale right away.  Might I add how much I hate weighing in with clothes on?  I was 3lbs lighter without...

All I had for photographer for the full length shot were 3.5 year olds.   I am amazed I wasn't asked to retake took 12 tries between two preschoolers to get one clear one.

so unflattering...but it is what it is.  Call it motivation.

But nope - soon my starting weight was verified.

Now, I need to prepare for success.  I REFUSE to have the scale say that at the end of this.  RE-FUSE!

To win this thing, I need to lose 7.3lbs...

I will be spending the afternoon prepping food - chopping veggies, planning meals...preparing for success.   The next 4 weeks will be a test of my willpower in so many ways...but it is high time I get my act together and get back on track.

And to reward myself at the end? I have this thing I really want.  A yarn ball winder.

Not a fancy one. Not even that expensive...but I decided that I will not order it unless I win the bet.  My winnings will be nicely spent at Knit Picks at the end of all of this.

Wish me luck.  I REALLY want to place that order!


  1. Hey I didn't know they even made yarn ball winders - cool! You can do it Cori because if I can (the Queen of making excuses to eat bad food) you can too. If you get stuck, lemme know and we can revive the Mojo Jar!

  2. Love the honesty Cori - and I agree with Nikki, if she and I can do this, so can you!!

    Best of luck, and don't hesitate to ask if you need help or motivation!


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