Monday, March 11, 2013

MOMday: Learning to Skate

As one of my 36 Resolutions, I included "Take my Girlies Ice Skating". Ever since they saw the episode of Stella & Sam where THEY ice skate - they have both been obsessed with it.

I own ice skates and, as  kid growing up in Wainwright, I used to skate CONSTANTLY in the winter on the outdoor rink across from my house.  When I was 13 and my feet had officially stopped growing, my parents bought me my first and last pair of BRAND NEW SKATES.  Of course, by then we had moved to Lacombe where outdoor rinks didn't exist and the laws of teenagehood kicked in and planted me firmly in front of Super Mario Bros..and skating was forgotten.  Years later, I had tried  to go ice skating with friends, only to find that my ice skates didn't fit.  I couldn't even force my feet into them.

But for some reason I never quite sold them.  They have been kicking around my basement for the last 20 years and only had about 4-5 skating sessions on them.  Practically new.   So, on a lark this wekeend - I hauled them out to give them one last try before I trade them for different skates that fit.

And lo and behold - my feet went right in.   Laws of physics are baffled right now because my feet are a full size larger than the size on the skates.

Unfortunately, they are also dull as wood so I will need to have them sharpened before I'll be twirling around the ice.

But I digress - this post is bout my girlies.

On a tip from a coworker, we stopped at Source for Sports on Macleod Trail on Friday evening to pick up some Bob Skates.  You know the type - adjustable base with 2 blades that strap onto winter boots.  I figured these will be stable as they learn and will grow with them for a couple of years.  Then, Saturday afternoon, we headed to Olympic Plaza - one of the few outdoor rinks still open in Calgary.

For months, Buggie has been so excited about ice skating and would always ask me if I will hold her hand when we go...except that once we got there no one else was holding their momma's hands so she wanted to be all independent.  And I think the confidence turned her into a natural.  She got onto the ice and after my holding her up for about a minute - she was on her way.  She also kept asking how long before she could spin...

Doodle had a bit more trouble in the confidence department.

With just enough time spent laughing on her back on the ice.

But soon she had it as well and my little natural skaters were happily skating around the ice.

And Buggie eventually got to start spinning....

Such a fun day spent skating with my little family.   We will definitely be making this one a habit and maybe by next year hubby will have skates and I will have taken mine in for sharpening...


  1. Your girls are adorable and looked so excited to be skating :)

    1. They really were. Now, the first words out of Buggies mouth every day are "Can we go ice skating today?"


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