Saturday, March 30, 2013

Magical Run

The plan for today was simple.  Run 12k solo then have coffee with Amy.  Easy peasy.

Then Buggie and Doodle woke up early and, as a result, I headed out of the house late.  I knew my timing would be tight to get back in time to meet Amy.  I figured that I would run an out and back from Eau Claire Market and at the 5k point, if it was tight, I would turn around and aim for 10k.

It was a beautiful morning.  Warm enough for capris and just a light longsleeve.  

Loving that Garmin added the temp to my profile!

My shin was still hurting, but that eased as I warmed up.  I was zipping along around a 6:30/k pace and, according to this shot, looked like a crazy lunatic.

Everyday the river thaws a little bit more.  Spring is truly on its way. It's about time.  Winter lasted almost exactly half a year this year.

As I neared the 5k mark, I was petering out.  I hadn't brought any gels with me so I almost turned back then.  And then I figured one more km wouldn't make much of a difference.  I'm glad I carried on to the 6km mark before turning back.   I was able to shake off the wall before I hit it and after I turned around, I knew I'd be a bit late so texted Amy and then thought I'd see if I had a negative split in me...

It was at this point that my moving pace moved into the 5:50/km area and I started to really zip.  I felt fantastic.  My legs could do anything!  Of course, that might have been because I was wearing my magic running pants and anything really is possible when I am wearing those!

Here I am, still looking like a lunatic at 10k - the skyline that marks my finish line looming in the background.

It was shortly after this that I could feel that familiar knot well up in my right calf.  I look a little walk break and decided to plow on to the finish.

I had to stop for the light at 10 Street (why oh why is the path closed there again?  Will they NEVER finish the construction?) and took the moment to stretch the knot out.

Then I turned on the power and headed for home.  I was so happy to see the Peace Bridge up ahead.

When I got back to the market, I was just shy of 12k so I decided to run around the building a bit until I hit 12.  In the end - my super speedy 12k rang in at 1:18.  Compared to last week's 1:24 10K I'd say I had the magic in me today!

Perhaps best of all was that I did this on just water and I powered through somethings that normally would have slowed me down.  I don't know if it is my speed and hill work showing their worth or if it was just a random great run but I felt invincible out there today.  I was especially thrilled to see my average overall pace ring in at exactly 6:30/km.  Been a long time since I've seen that.  Maybe I am finally shaking off Goofy.   I tried to walk as little as possible and, for the first time, I felt like I could really make my speed goals happen this year.   Even if I end up looking like a lunatic to do it!

And the Garmin Geekery:

Now to ice that shin.  Not sure what's going on there.  If it is still bugging me later int he week - I intend to get it checked out.


  1. Amazing run! Way to go speedy!

  2. Great job, that is a truly magical run indeed!

  3. I need me a pair a them magic pants. Not yours, of course, they'd never fit. Nice run along the river I haven't run there since last year.

  4. Great run Cori! I'm not sure if it's construction that has the 10th street underpass closed or if because it's so low that they close it in case the water rises and floods it? That's what I was thinking, but I could be wrong :)

  5. I had a great time too!! Next time i'll get to go sans kids so i won't be as distracted ;)

  6. Wow great time! It looks so cold, I hope it warms up some more for you soon :)


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