Monday, March 18, 2013

Dietbet Update

Week one went really well.  I tracked my food.  I walked 10,000 all but 2 of the days. I prepped my food and only had one teeny cup of coffee all week (after my race because there was no tea).

Aaaand.  I lost 4 lbs and had far more energy.   So nice to not be ruled by a coffee addiction.

But the weekends need work.   I find that a soon as Saturday hits - all bets are off and I backslide.  And snack.  and generally act badly.  This weekend royally sucked in that regard.

Not good.

For week 2 - I want to continue the goals I had last week.   Plus - I'm going to try to pre-prepare some snackies for the weekend so I can make smarter choices.   I also have a team lunch at work so will do my best to make smarter choices at the restaurant (luckily, it's sushi so that shouldn't be hard.)  I need to practice being good in restaurants again.

I also bought myself a wifi scale to help keep me honest.  I am really good at weighing in when the going is good, but this will better record my ups and downs and automatically post them so I will have a real reflection of when I start to backslide.   Just another tool in the toolbox.  One I think I need.

So - here goes week 2.   I hope it is even better than week one was!


  1. Great job losing 4 pounds, never easy trying to lose weight! Good luck with week 2

  2. Did you buy the fit bit scale? just curious

    1. You bet. We're working out the quirks right now, but so far I like it.

  3. Congrats on losing 4lbs...I lost 2.4 last week and was so surprised...I am addicted to coffee but only 2 cups a day during the week and 3-4 on the weekends. Good luck with week 2


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