Monday, March 11, 2013

Day One it is.  Bedtime...and I stayed pretty strong all day. Most amazingly...


Let's recap...I stuck pretty close to the goals. I only struggled with the water.  Prepping my food turned out to be invaluable when my alarm didn't go off this morning and it was a mad dash through the shower and out the door because I couldn't be late on a day a new coworker was starting...especially since I was assigned the task of letting her into the office!

By lunch, I was ready to head out for some fresh air.  So I hit the streets for a 4k walk around Southwood.

Which, by the end of the day, accounted for the ol' Fitbit hitting THIS:

I stayed under my calorie goal, didn't feel deprived and managed to avoid having a caffeine withdrawal headache.  Thank you lovely black tea. 

One funny thought - last night while chopping veggies - I sliced my thumb.  As I've told y'all 8 million times - I am no chef.   Not even close.  So I put a bandaid on it and all day that ugly little piece of sticky fabric served as an ugly little string tied around my finger to keep reminding me to keep going.   

Whatever it takes.  I'm winning this thing.

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