Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Workout Wednesday: 2013 Race Planning

Last weekend at MEC, I grabbed the Get Out There Race Planning Guide to see if there might be anything fun to plan for in 2013.  Bad move - now my year is looking like my most ambitious race year yet...

So, here's my pseudo plan for 2013...

Already Registered:
  • Crave Chick Chaser 5mi
  • CRR St Patricks Day Road Race 5k - PR Attempt!!!
  • Sport Chek Mother's Day Run and Walk 5k (Family team stuff is straightened out now - will be emailing those interested this week)
  • Jugo Juice 10k - PR attempt!
  • Color Me Rad 5k - REGISTERED THIS MORNING!!!!!
Will register once open:
  • Run for Water 10k
  • Harvest Half Marathon
  • As many MEC races as I can fit in - so cheap and so fun! They are syaoing there will be 6 of them.
Races Not Yet Announced but Expected
  • Starbucks Run for Women - I wish they'd hurry up the announcement on this - I have a feeling it might conflict with Color me Rad and I'd rather do this one if that is the case.  Of course, I am a bit concerned.  It appears that the Unionville race has been re-branded the Shoppers Drug Mart Run For Women and doesn't have any mention of the finisher bracelet...
  • Run at the Ranch 5k (I have a hill I need to conquer)
  • Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k
  • Santa Shuffle 5k
See - ambitious year.   And this doesn't even take into account any destination races I may do on our family vacation...


  1. I was wondering what happened to the Starbucks run and if it would be back again or not...

    1. On the FB page, they keep saying the announcement is coming soon but keep missing the dates they say it will come on. guess we'll see.

  2. Hi Cori, I found your blog when looking for medals :) Just registered for Color Me Rad too, looks awesome. Organizing my work group to do it is proving hard though.

    I'm off to read your race reviews...I mean do something work related...cough

    1. Thanks for popping by, Susan. Oh, if you're looking for medals, this is definitely the right place. I am a world class medal whore! ;) Do you have a blog as well?

    2. I do, I just started one so it's still a bit of a learning experience for me. Here I am:

      I loved your race reviews, Goofy was magnificent! And fab bling dahling :)

    3. Awesome - officially following you! It's great to find another Calgary running blogger! We will need to get together for a run and coffee sometime!

    4. Sounds like a great plan. I am now following you too! I look forward to hearing about your race on Sun after my race on Sat. Cupcakes eh?

    5. Oh yeah! I hope I can be fast enough to get there before the speed demons eat them all!

  3. What is your start time for Color Me Rad? We registered this morning also, for 9:40am. So excited! We ran the Starbuck Run last year. It was alot of fun, but have not heard anything yet for this year..

  4. Found your site looking fo rmore info on what used to be the Starbucks Women's Run. I ran it last year as well. Just spoke with my Vancouver contact and yes the event has geen rebranded as Shopper's Drug Mart Women's Run. I have the Vancouver date but no info for the Calgary date either.

    ...Dawn, AKA Pink Chick
    PS - I see we do a lot of the same events.

    1. Indeed we do :) The Shoppers run will be July 27th in Calgary. I'm on the fence about whether I want to do it as a Shopper's event. I may need to find a different women's specific run to do...


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