Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday - The Mojo Wagon Edition

It's kind of confession time in my brain.  I've been admitting a few things to myself and I think I need to get them out there...

1) My running mojo has been seriously flagging since about 3 weeks ago.  I mean, I'm still trying to get the runs in, but honestly I haven't run in the past week at all because I just couldn't be bothered.   I'm really happy Tina wrote me last night to see if I wanted to be her running buddy today or I might have skipped my lunch run today too.

I'm not sure what it is.  Maybe it is the looming prospect of training alone for my goal races later this spring.  Maybe it is me needing to generate some adventures to keep myself excited.  Maybe I need some greater accountability.  Whatever it is - I definitely need some mojo booting.  Maybe it's time to bring back Mojo Jar Mondays!

2) Since Goofy, I have seriously fallen off the wagon with my eating.  And the scale is showing it.  Up 5 pounds since Goofy.  And 20lbs heavier than I would like to be.  Granted - I am definitely not putting in the mileage that I did in training, but I am also not eating well at all.   I need to rein it in RIGHT NOW or I am going to seriously be negating all of the hard work I have put in over the last 3 years.

It might be time to set some new food goals...or to figure out a challenge for myself.  Any suggestions for veg-friendly things/challenges I could try?

Can someone please slow that wagon down so I can climb back on?

3) I am REALLY not feeling it with the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  I need the strength training, but I DO NOT like the moves in these workouts.  I feel like I am constantly modifying them so I won't hurt myself and end up sidelined for race season.  I've discovered I just want a safe, effective strength workout that will complement my running and I don't think this is the right one.  But doing something is better than doing nothing and I do enjoy working out with the Super Secret Jillian Michaels Workout Society so I will keep going til the end of their 12 weeks and than I plan to do something different.

I'm hoping my mojo will return in all areas to help me out with the motivation for this.


  1. I'm in a similar place (or, was & I'm trying to refocus both my eating & running).

    Have you tried MyFitnessPal? I love tracking my calories online & having the accountability. Happy to share my info if you want someone to follow/follow you as well. I mostly keep mine private, but public accountability is always helpful.

    If not, maybe just try planning your eating out in advance for a few days & seeing how that goes?

    Sending you good mojo for your eating & working out!

  2. I have used MFP extensively over the past couple of years. And it is so helpful when I am consistent. I think, starting monday, I need to get back on that wagon. Look me up - I am khourianya over there. :)

  3. I find I lose my running mojo after a couple back to back halfs so I can just imagine how you feel! Hopefully it will come back soon! Maybe set up some more running dates?

    I've fallen off the good eating wagon! Trying to get back on it since sitting at a desk all day is not going to help my butt!

    I'm really enjoying JM's 30 Day Shred however level 2 is all about plank which is hard on my wrists. It's getting better though. What sort of workouts are in Body Revolution that you find you have to modify?


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