Sunday, February 10, 2013

Race Report: Crave Chick Chaser 5 Miler

Those of you on Twitter may recall my lamenting the lack of winter races in Calgary a few weeks ago. I was seriously jonesing for a race and there was nothing I could find to solve this.  And then Leana told me about the Crave Chick Chaser 5 miler being put on through Tri-it.  At $25 and with cupcakes at the finish, it was a steal and I registered as fast as humanly possible.

The weather report for the weekend had kept changing - one moment it looked like it was going to be gorgeous and warm.  The next it looked like snowy and chilly.  Race outfit planning was not going well...but I knew one thing.  My Run Happy cupcake shirt was on the menu no matter what the weather.

I arrived at Tri-it ridiculously early so got to spend about 35 mins chilling in the car until it seemed a reasonable time to mosey inside.

It wasn't long before Leana got there and we chatted about our Goofy recoveries until it was time to head to the start line across the street.

Me and Leana at the start line
This was a super small race, at under 200 people and my only real goal going in was to not be last.  I had run 8k last week in 1 hour so I kind of hoped I could beat that.  My speedier run on Thursday had told me I still had some speed in me, even if it was hiding out.

The start line - there were WAAAAY more women than men at this race:

Me and Leana at the start - top right
Photo credit: Dawn Henry

So at 9am, the women were off!  The guys would follow 4 mins later.   Leana and I wished each other a great race and took off.   I felt so speedy and, despite some suspiciously icy-looking patches - the pathway was fairly dry and slip-free.   I think the biggest obstacle in the first half of the race was the blindingly bright sun being in our eyes.  Thank goodness for sunglasses.

I flew along at a fast (for me) pace - though still well back in the pack.  I knew I might have some fueling issues so had packed along a gel and some nuun just in case.  I had stupidly skipped dinner last night after a late late lunch and realized at bedtime that I might regret that.

But I carried on, feeling strong.

The race route ran east along the north shore of the Bow River until crowchild, where it moved to the south.  Following the path to the Peace Bridge where it crossed over and ran on the north side until 10 street.  Crossing over again we went back the way we came, crossing over again at crowchild and in for the finish.  It is always so nice to run a pathway race that is a different route than Eau Claire west to Edworthy and back...

About 15 mins into the race, the guys started to pass me.  I'm actually surprised it took them that long.  I expected to be passed before I hit the first kilometer. It was around this time that I realized I was dressed too warmly in my jacket and peeled it off to cool down.

As I crossed over the Peace Bridge, I could see Tina right where she said she'd be.  She snapped this fun shot of me.  I love it!

It was around the 5k mark that I had a sugar crash and needed that gel.   I was walking then when Leana passed me.  So I downed the gel and vowed to keep her in my sights the rest of the way.

Not really a direct pic of me, but I am the 2nd person...checking my garmin...
Photo credit: Dawn Henry

Photo credit: Dawn Henry
I took another short walk break at Crowchild as I crossed the river again and then the finish line was almost in sight.   As the path sloped upward, I decided to see if I could pull some speed out and finish strong.   As the pathway flattened out, I dug deep and pushed it to finish in around 51 minutes.

Photo credit: Dawn Henry

I am super happy with that time.  Leana crossed about a minute ahead of me and was waiting to cheer me across.

Then it was cupcake time!  Mmmmm, Crave makes the best cupcakes.

I loved that they had them individually packaged in takeout containers!

mmmm - chocolate.
This was an awesome little race!  I could totally see it selling out next year if they run it again.   I had never run a 5 mile race before so...INSTANT PB!!!! :D

It was untimed so my Garmin is as accurate as it gets.   Since we all know how accurate my Garmin was on distances during Goofy training - it is showing a bit short on the distance, but the time is dead on (I finally rememebered to kill the autopause!)

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  1. Congratulations on your race! It was so great to see you out there. I loved your cupcake shirt!!

  2. This is awesome, love the cute cupcake package at the end. Well done and congrats on the shiny new PB :)

  3. Congrats!
    And those cupcakes... what a great post-race treat!


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